Summer time dining, outside rating on our lights!

Summer time has arrived and what better way to spend some quality time at home during the summer months by ensuring you have your lighting sorted! The perfect entertainment area needs the perfect lighting to make the space useable all day and night . All Barn Light products are hardy and long-lasting at the best […]

Our 15% Off | 🥊 Day Sale Starts Today!

15% Off 🥊 Day Sale | Storewide* * excludes Gooseneck Arm Hardware & Hardware & Accessories (Replacements) Our Boxing Day Sale begins from 12pm today until 09/01/2022 @11:59PM Save 15% Off All Barn Light Lighting Fixtures 15% Off Discount code: 2022 🎺 News for 2022 🎺 Jadite is coming back in 2022 ♫♪♪ What else […]

Summary of 2021….

This year has been exciting and extremely busy for the Barn light Australia team. We have had the opportunity to work with a range of amazing builders, designers and customers. We are a small family business, receiving the support and opportunity to work with very talented people in the industry is a dream come true! […]

How to pick the right lighting for over your dining table…

Picking the right lighting for your dining table helps to determine the atmosphere and theme of your eating experience.Size, colour, material and the height you hang the pendant above your dining table are all elements that need to be worked out for the best result. How high above the table surface should you hang your […]

Welcome to our new warehouse space…..

In 2012 Jesse Lee arrived back from America and started an adventure he only hoped would one day turn into an Australian made and ran business. Taking the lighting industry by storm! Fast forward to 2021, through a pandemic and two years of lockdowns, the barn light family have achieved so much . Jesse Lee […]