Our lights are hand crafted right here in Australia!

Ever wonder how we make our Barn lights? Well to start with we make them here, that’s right, here in Australia! We are proud to boost that we are an Australian owned company, and we hand craft all our lights in our warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria. We take provide in crafting our lights to the […]

The perfect light for your Barn or Garage!

Have you just finished your Barn or Garage but you’re not sure what light to use? Let us show you the different designs of lighting we have that can help finish off your project. Photo :- The old Dixie gooseneck Barn Light Australia is a boutique lighting manufacturer, sourcing Australian suppliers and artisans wherever possible […]

Mounting your barn light

Do you want to install Barn Lights on your home but not sure how to mount them? We are here to help! No matter what light or surface you may have, we have a solution to help you mount your dream lights. Weatherboards / Jamies Hardie Yes – Queenslanders & Weatherboards are always a fussy […]

Price Rise from 01/07/2021

Australian Dollars, a background

We’re really sorry… but its time. You know that our Lighting products are a premium product, both highly configurable and customisable, Barn Light offers a relatively decent service, and you can trust that “You get what you pay for” without all the caveats. That pricing you’ve enjoyed or at least seen online now requires a […]