Lighting for Australia’s Tropical Environments

Rusted Wall Light from Beacon Lighting

Barn Light has been a leader in designing and producing Australian Made Lighting since 2008. We provide you with purpose built lights that are specifically designed for your project or renovation needs; whether it’s commercial or residential – we have what you need! Tropical Locations are no longer a headache with our range of Outdoor Rated, UV Stable Powdercoated Aluminium Lighting designs.

The Rise of the Hamptons: Your Australian Beachside Home

Hamptons Black & Pink Colour Scheme

Where does the “Hamptons” style come from? Somewhere between Australia’s laidback vibe and the East Coast of America is a beachside haven for affluent New Yorkers. In fact, this cultural phenomenon has been adopted so well by Australians that they have even given it its own name: “Hamptons style.” The Hamptons is a small area […]