Barn Light is proudly Australian-owned, which is rare enough in itself, but we go even further. Wh

ile other companies still rely on imports, we find ever more ways to source and craft in Australia. We have truly earned our “Australian Made” certificate.

We believe in Australia’s ability to manufacture with self-sufficiency. Our aim is to reach for the best that Australia can produce. We believe in Australian design, engineering and tr

ue affordability. We only wish that other manufacturers would do the same.

In proud support of Australian business, we use Australian materials wherever possible. We sport our well-earned Green & Gold ‘Austr

alian made’ Kangaroo on products only where we manage to exceed 70% of Australian content. This makes it easier for you to believe in our products just as much as we do.

Take a look:

Warehouse shades & spinnings -|- G&W Metal Spinners


Warren continuing his metalspinning craft

Warren of Clayton South has been forming our warehouse shades through his family business for the better part of last decade. Warren’s father-in-law taught him the craft, and eventually entrusted the company on into Warren’s safe hands. G&W Metal Spinners has been a family-owned business since 1971, with Warren continuing the tradition.

Warren manufactures our shades from Aluminium sourced from Garmco (Dandenong) among other local suppliers, or else creates his own from sheet metal. This is real craft – Warren forms each shade by hand, faithfully replicating each Barn Light original.


We shape our gooseneck fixtures ourselves from Capral Aluminium – an Australian manufacturer of aluminium products since 1936. Capral smelt in two locations, Victoria & Queensland. We routinely receive deliveries from Lynbrook and Campbellfield.

We thread and bend these extrusions into gooseneck stem fittings, using our own machinery in-house. We then prepare the surface, scratch it down, ready and prepared for powder-coating in a wide array of colours.

gooseneck lights

Powdercoating – any colour you like! mostly black though.

We send our fine work to Dandenong North, to a small, family-owned business that has been operating since 1989. They Powder-coat all products using Dulux Powder-coating for that superior, long-lasting industrial coating on our items, in a colour made to order.


ELECTRICAL WIRING -|- ya Not buying electrical wire from masters?!!!

Would you believe it? Most wiring is imported, and often of poor quality.

It might not look like it at first glance, but inferior cabling will deteriorate over time, leaving customers with a dangerous mess and expensive maintenance.

But of course, we do things differently. Our electrical assemblies are manufactured in-house using electrical components sourced via Middy’s (Middendorp), MMEM (AWM) and various other electrical wholesalers.

Top quality, reliable Australian hardware – we accept nothing less. 


We personally strip, twist, and screw each electrical assembly before terminating into a terminal block. Our Barn Pendants & Gooseneck Barn Lights come with a generous 1.5m of supplied electrical cable, our sconces come with 30cm of cable, or more as required.

We can be more generous and customisable than a regular lighting company. Why? Because we do not use pre-made, pre-cut cable. Instead, we cut off the spool. Needing five meters of cable or eight? We manufacture to suit your needs.

By making our products locally, we’re able to manage quality control, the development of new products, and the timely delivery of special projects. Consider this when you need a product installed right the first time!


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