We love manufacturing Barn Lights however the despite our best efforts – freight, boxing, and shipping are our bugbears in 2020. We’re experiencing a higher number of damaged, misdirected, or delayed parcels using eParcel/Australia Post and this isn’t unique to just us. A few other business associates and suppliers are lamenting delays that are putting increased leadtime pressures on production due to delayed delivery of necessary components. As COVID-19 restrictions are easing here in Victoria, we’re finding more delays are occurring. Some deliveries taking between one to two weeks to arrive in Sydney after departing Melbourne. One such example are parcels that left our facility on the fifth of June still pending delivery, today the fifteenth of June (Granted, its only one week) for a transit that normally takes three business days.

We want to make sure that we’re doing our best to interface with Australia Post and attempting to negate any delays on our part in getting product out the door and a step closer to yours. In the meantime, Australia Post have published the following Coronavirus Domestic Update on their homepage to give you an idea of the investment necessary and we ask for your patience in this trying time.

Here at Barn Light – We’re doing our best to serve you the Best Barn Lighting that Australia has to offer, we guarantee that our honesty, quality, and workmanship – and your patience –  will make your purchase deserving in these uncertain times.

Yes – This is our daily output volume since COVID-19 happened. Australian Made is making the delivery driver visit sometimes twice a day!

12 June 2020

With our business adapting to the challenges the current pandemic presents, our normal practice of delivery has been impacted.

There are delivery delays in our network due to:

  • reduction in air freight capacity and passenger flights (which also carry our parcels)
  • a significant increase in parcels volumes, many which require manual sorting
  • hygiene and social distancing requirements in our network (such as social distancing through zoning, dedicated shift start times to reduce cross over of workers)

Our tracking tool provides you with the most accurate guidance on estimated delivery dates and advises you of any delays while your parcel is in transit. StarTrack customers should visit the StarTrack tracking tool.

What we’re doing

  • Operating our processing and delivery services seven days a week for the last four weeks
  • Chartered an additional eight freighter flights, increasing this to 17 dedicated air freighter flights per day
  • Repurposed and opened 15 new processing and delivery facilities
  • Hiring more than 600 casual staff into our network and call centres and currently redeploying 2000 posties to deliver more parcels
  • Moving more parcels through our road network (to accommodate domestic flight restrictions)
  • Exploring all available transport alternatives and options, and working with the Australian Government, to minimise impacts for customers

In some cases, we’re having to process and deliver from an alternate location and customers may notice when tracking their parcel, that it is coming from a different location to what they are used to.

Our people continue to work tirelessly under difficult circumstances, so we’re asking everyone to be kind and treat our dedicated people with the courtesy and respect they deserve – whether it be in a call centre, Post Office or dropping your delivery off. Aggressive and abusive behaviour towards our people will not be tolerated. Thank you for your patience.[/blockquote]

Source: https://auspost.com.au/about-us/news-media/important-updates/coronavirus/coronavirus-domestic-updates

Coronavirus is having a significant impact on our business. We are experiencing substantial delivery delays due to limited flights, social distancing in our facilities and increased parcel volumes. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience. Australia Post will continue to do our best to respond to your queries during this difficult time and ask that you please treat our people with respect and understanding. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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