Barn Light Australia is unaffected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We’ve received a number of phone calls from concerned customers this weekend regarding our manufacturing ability.
Our manufacturing processes are unaffected by the COVID-19 Pandemic as we are not unloading shipping containers of lighting nor are we reselling foreign sourced lighting fixtures.

Our manufacturing business model shows that;

  1.  95% of our manufacturing is processed within Australia.
  2. Items that are foreign-sourced are already well stocked, and as such don’t require replenishment until June 2020.
  3. All of our staff live outside of the Melbourne Metropolitan Areas (and are natural introverts).
  4. Our suppliers are predominately small businesses with small work-forces in close proximity to Hallam.
  5. We use Australia Post/eParcel and TNT (local depot) which allows us to offload orders directly to their premises where necessary.

Genuine Concerns from management

Our suppliers are being phoned each day by new customers because businesses & trades-persons have recently had their overseas supply lines cut off. These customers are then placing larger than normal orders or else attempting to buy available stock. As we operate on a “first come, first served” basis, the result is slightly longer lead-times due to a shortfall in production from our up-stream suppliers.

Our typical lead-time is 10-14 business days, most products arrive prior to 10 business days. In the coming weeks we’ll be updating these lead-times to properly reflect our expected delivery dates for all products. US-Origin products are expected to take a minimum of six weeks from the date of order to arrive. No orders prior to 15/03/2020 are effected as these are already en-route via air-freight.


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