From December 1st, 2019 – The New Zealand Inland Revenue Service & The New Zealand Customs Services will implement a 15% GST on “Low Value Goods” imported into New Zealand.

What this means to our Kiwi Cousins

We’ve added a 15% Tax on all products heading to New Zealand to ensure any orders placed after this time will be fully compliant with the New Zealand Customs Service’s GST collection requirements.

  • All orders placed will receive a 15% surcharge to accommodate the new GST increase.
  • Freight to New Zealand (via eParcel/NZ Post/Australia Post) will be charged at a set fee  of AU$115 ($100 + 15% GST) which is an increase of 15% over our flat rate of $100.
  • All packages will be marked as “DDP” – This stands for “Delivered Duty Paid” – We’ll make the required payments on your behalf, using the funds that were paid to us (by you).
  • Parcels shipped from Barn Light Australia will be delivered as if no duty was otherwise payable. This means packages arrive faster and usually without needing to make a payment to customs/your carrier.

What’s the technical changes?

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