Christmas Countdown….

Yes - We've got Stock. No - We don't lie.


Till November 15th, orders placed will arrive before Christmas OR full refunds will be provided AND Goods sent. Yeah – We’re that good. Barn Light Australia is taking a risk to provide you the best service, product, and guarantees*

This 2021 year has been… one for the history books: COVID-19, Home Schooling, Moving Factories, Creating new Processes like Powdercoating, Closing borders, Jesse & Mel to Five permanent employees.. and Australia Post recruiting every football code to deliver parcels, (then having them strike…) and we’re working on a showroom… so we’re pushing back. That said.

-From 15th of November 2021 – 

Orders placed after November 15th WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED DELIVERY before Christmas.
Why? Our powder coater closes from the 13st (Closed late last year) of December every year thus we cannot manufacture custom colours (like Colorbond), or anything other than our most popular colours that we normally keep stocked. Australia Post themselves are stating that if parcels are not received before the 13th of December, deliveries won’t make it for Christmas.

-After 15th of November 2021 – 

As our typical manufacturing lead-time is 10-14 business days, any blow out on timelines doesn’t give us any time to work with. Rather than disappoint you (& your sparkie!) we’ve elected to attempt our best efforts to despatch prior to these days however it is not guaranteed that your order will arrive before Christmas!

If you can’t wait for your Australian Made, custom Barn Light fixture, we implore you to purchase somewhere else. We know the lighting industry isn’t having a good time with freight times from China so we implore you to triple-check our competitors stock level before parting with your hard-earned Pandemic cash.


To make it easier for those of you intending to purchase in 2022, whether that’s a new build or renovation – we’ll be running a sale between our hard-close date (yet to be announced) and our hard-reopening date (also yet to be announced). This sale will extend to our ENTIRE line of products and applicable only for orders over $1,000.

*We’re talking about our manufacturing supply and despatch. – Guarantees won’t extend to freight providers losing a parcel, you getting carded, or otherwise not being notified – or any other freight delays.