Enlighten us - an influencer program.

Are you a social butterfly? Got a cult-like following on the ‘gram? Here’s how you can earn a little something for yourself, your home, or your parents – doing what you do best – Creating your own brand, with a sprinkling of help from Barn Light.

Whether you want to start your own distillery with your mates, expand upon the pandemic’s early viral TikTok successes or just happen to be married to a Sparkie – We can help you achieve a little bit of fame while you support our small family-owned lighting business.

Whilst we cannot reveal who actually runs our Enlighten Us Program, this individual has their own dedicated following (over numerous accounts) so they know the Do’s, Don’ts and Definite’s of social media(s).

For the avoidance of doubt, commitment can be scary! – We’re looking for a partnership – not a one-night-stand. 

What we're looking for

We’re ideally looking for influencer styled creatives (preferably without contracts with other lighting companies), who have an organic reach of predominately Australians & Kiwi’s interested in their work. If you’ve bought “followers” in the past, or have asked your parents to comment on your posts (we’ll know!), Barn Light just isn’t for you.

Whilst not explicitly required, an affiliation, interest, or experience in home renovations, décor, and design are considered advantageous since we don’t need to explain basic terminology, nor see you licking electrical terminals.

Before you start filling this in; Are you an Editor/Content Specialist/Ad buying agent for a National Magazine? – We’re interested, however need to see your media kit before we take your calls: [email protected] 

The below video is used to assist our customers in making a colour-related purchasing decision.
“How many colours can a Barn Light be, in what house, in what decade, in what style might it be?”

An example of media supplied to us after an in-person visit to our warehouse. Some content doesn’t need to be “perfect” to be of use to us! Polished, raw, deliverable, and personable content is what we’re looking for. 

After all, we’re a lighting company – not a film studio (that’s you)!