Dear Current & Future Customers,

A copy of the following email has been sent to impacted customers in July 2020. We’d prefer to inform current and future customers that we’re actively attempting to mitigate any further delays associated with our products. We’re not proud of these delays and we’re disappointed to have to communicate this, however being transparent in these unsettling times seems to be the best foot forward.

In 2021, We’ll be investing in our own coating department akin to our wet-spray department from 2017-2019. We’re hoping this will allow us to do more, manufacture more, and eventually build stocks in a variety of interesting colours.

Kindest regards,
Jesse-Lee Stringer
Managing Director

Thank you for ordering with Barn Light Australia, we appreciate you supporting our small Australian made business. An update on your current order. 

Yes your order is in production and will be on its way in the next week. 

We are experiencing delays in getting orders out to people at the moment, this is not something we accept as our usual style nor are we proud of.

Being Australian Made we create your Barn Lights personally once your order is placed. We collect raw shades from our local supplier which we keep on hand. We order only a small amount of powdercoated stock due to the many variations our customers select when purchasing lights from us.

With COVID-19 things have gotten busier in the Australian Made market, yay for the small wins. From our powdercoater through to Australia Post all feeling the weight of consumers looking at sourcing Australian Made products. This has made an impact on getting orders filled in our usual time frame. We have been able to keep up to date until this last month when influences outside our control have impacted.

We have had a delay at our local powdercoating facility. There has been a backlog in getting shades powder coated in our usual timely manner. We have been on the phone with our suppliers on a daily basis with today’s conversation and update being that they are working overtime this weekend to catch up on your orders.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience to you and if this delay is impacting your build or renovation please get in touch with us so we can work together to try and meet your timeline as best we can. 

We have been advised that all current orders should be back to us by mid next week with us assembling and shipping by the end of the week or early the following week at the latest. So again if you have an electrician lined up please get in touch so we can prioritise your order, otherwise if this is not possible we will arrange a full refund.

We apologies again for the delays we are currently experiencing getting your order out to you and thank you for your support during this busy time.

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