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Designer Focus | Xtra Shiny – Adelaide

We recently caught up with Adam Johnson, the creative director behind Xtra Shiny, an Adelaide based designer agency. Xtra Shiny’s most recent designer gig, the Clever Little Tailor is a sophisticated winebar located on Peel Street, a block west from Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

Here’s what the Adelaide Review had to say about their newest resident.

The beginning of a good afternoon, craft beer
The beginning of a good afternoon, craft beer

Peel Street’s eclectic mix of heritage buildings and other less aesthetic 70s architecture gives the laneway an inner-city feel and is part of the attraction. “We think it’s thoroughly urban. It’s almost its own little city within a city,” says Crispian Fielke, one of the owners of Clever Little Tailor, the first of the new wave of businesses to open on the street.

Fielke and co-owners Josh Baker and Dana Whyte felt Peel Street was the ideal location for their bar venture. “The laneway feel is very alive here. Given there are still some cars rolling down the street and there is a mixture of workers, young folk and weekend folk. It has its own community,” Fielke explains.

Clever Little Tailor has been an instant hit since opening its doors a couple of weeks ago. It’s a small bar (fits about 70 people) but the building, which used to be the loading dock for Fletcher Jones, has high ceilings with exposed beams creating a sense of space. The bar focuses on quality liquor served in an intimate setting. “We are trying not to theme or pigeonhole it. We want to show off good liquor. People can expect a really nice fit out and a service-driven mindset,” Fielke says.

Credit: Jane Llewellyn,  Adelaide Review, May 2, 2013 (


We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few high resolution photos of Clever Little Tailor, courtesy of Adam & Xtra Shiny.

Clever Little Tailor Door Quality Liqour Bar

33cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Lights
Our 33cm Old Dixie Barn Lights produce a nostalgic return to Peel Street’s ’70s vibe while illuminating the lane way.
Designed by: Adam Johnson, Xtra Shiny
A close up of our Old Dixie’s and Clever’s brick facade.
Atomic Industrial Guard Sconces in Long White Bathroom
Our galvanised Atomic Industrial Sconces are a feature of the beautiful bathrooms. Check out the subway tile and wood veneer combo that throws clinical bathroom style out the backdoor, and replaces it with nostalgic vibes.
Hampton Style Bathroom w/ Industrial Laneway behind.
A view of the laneway that remains relatively untouched.


[button link=”” color=”black”] Want your own 33cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light?[/button]

[button link=”” color=”black”] Or your own Atomic Industrial Sconce?[/button]

For the legal eagles:

Designed by: Adam Johnson, Xtra Shiny

Project location:
19 Peel Street, Adelaide



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