barn light electric company registered trademarkYes, Barn Light Electric most certainly does export to Australia. All shipments are imported by Barn Light Australia for assembly, wiring and certification before being shipped to the customer.

What are the costs involved?

The Cost of the Product + Shipping.

Barn Light Electric Company, as an American manufacturer, has the capability to provide much lower prices than we can. It’s by no mistake that we have an independent price-list to accommodate higher prices related to GST, rewiring, electrical certifications, import duties and related charges. Shipping is typically near cost-price to what we are charged as it is prohibitively expensive to pay retail rates, even with a discount which is why we don’t offer discounts on imported products (we can’t).

Are there limitations?

We can supply 99% of barn lighting products that start with the product code ‘BLE-‘ – these products infer that they are manufactured by Barn Light Electric. We have completed certifications necessary to provide ‘BLE-‘ products to the marketplace, for this reason you’ll notice that our own products start with ‘AU-‘. Barn Light Electric does have their own limitations on what is offered, Fans are offered by third-party vendors, as are most of the Industrial furniture range. We’re working towards finding Australian suppliers of these same products and offer alternatives where available.

Given the nature of Barn Light’s product range, it’s plausible to consider that certain enquiries cannot be rewired, or offered as they are not designed for Australian conditions.

How long does it take?

We work towards getting shipments to your door within three weeks of payment, however the golden rule is one calendar month as shipping and manufacturing times do vary depending on the product, and it’s size.

Barn Light Electric Company Registered Trademark


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