Frequently Answered Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Sales & Marketing

We Can! – We’re always a click or phone call away.

No. We don’t sell piece-parts for incorporation into other lighting fixtures nor designs. Given the time, effort, attention to detail, and general appreciation for our products. 

However. On the rare occasion you are making repairs to, restoring, or “making new” on an existing mounting – Please contact us. There are a number of rare (and rarities) Die-Casted Steel Mountings that we’d love to work with. Its part of our “giving back” ethos.

We’ve got a whole FAQ for you wonderful people; Electrical Wholesalers FAQ

Join our Trade Discount Program, then contact Barn Light to discuss your project so we’ve got a better handle on you/r clients requirements. 

Store Hours / Open?

Yes. We’re trading! If you’d like visit to our factory, you’ll need to book in a time (Book an Appointment)

Our factory/warehouse remains open and has been through the duration of Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria. We continue to process, manufacture and deliver orders via Australia Post. If you need information, always feel free to call (03 8743 5500), email, or Live Chat us whenever convenient to you.

We don’t have any.

I doubt we’ll ever have a showroom. Instead we’ve got a 6-MONTH return policy, you have to see our Returns &  Refund Policy to believe it.

If you’ve ever spent hours agonising online, finally decided on that lighting fixture, purchased, waited around for a few weeks for your Sparkie to arrive THEN found it.. doesn’t work in that space – You are in luck, we pay return freight on the first item, and no sparkie takes six-months to turn up (right?!). In the event you need to change the colour, or return them for a full refund, we’ll deduct the costs incurred (on our special Australia Post account) to your refund amount.

We’ve invested significant portions of our time & resources into our online store since inception. We’ve saved ourselves the difficulties associated with brick & mortar storefronts, and while inconvenient for many of our customers, this decision has permitted our products to be both more affordable AND more configurable that our competitors.

Yup! – We actually prefer these orders!

The costs associated with boxing, void-fill packaging, boxing, taping, postage and the like.. Yeah, it gets really expensive really quickly. If you’ve opted to pickup,

Please don’t just turn up!!!

If we’ve got stock, we’ll arrange a time to assemble/collect parts and generally get your order ready. If you’ve spoken to management, we’ll make your order a priority on the day IF we have finished product ready for you.

Leadtimes / Manufacturing

Our standard lead-time for:

Black Ace or Flat White Orders.
Ten to Fourteen (10-14) business days.

Ten to Fourteen (10-14) business days.

Commercial Projects
Where advice is not provided, Fourteen to Twenty-One business days is typical.

We manufacture as we go.
We keep Black Ace & Flat White powdercoated stocks, quite literally tubs of hardware with shelves full to the brim of warehouse shades and goosenecks.

We assemble, box, and ship.
If we’ve got stock, we’re shipping your order within fourty-eight hours (the following day) in most cases once assembly (if needed) has been completed.

Why we have a lead-time then? To cover ourselves if we’re one lampholder short of a fifty-piece order, or you’ve selected a Colorbond colour that takes longer to manufacture.

NOTE: LED Orders cause us the greatest amount of pain due to having to rely on (COVID-19 impacted) overseas exporters since Australian suppliers usually import from these same suppliers – so we jump the proverbial delays and go to the front of queue.

Contact Barn Light – Give us a Call – Send an SMS.

We offer *rush* order options that we provide with Overnight or Road Express options with TNT (We on-charge you). You’ll need to contact us to CONFIRM that we’ve got what you need.
ie. Rarely do we have a pink with purple polka dots stocked.

A nominal percentage charge (typically 20% on top of RRP – Yes, loss of discount) is added to each invoice to reflect the cost of “dropping tools and making it happen” at the expense of other customers. These additional funds are non-refundable and are used to employ additional staff, dog treats, or provide snacks (like Espresso…) depending on the costs associated with.

Postage, Parcels, Getting Carded (Again...)

Here’s what Australia Post quotes us from Melbourne. We can’t provide accurate transit times however we do our best to honestly get that parcel out the door as soon as we can. Customers living in “Rural Areas” (read:non capital cities) can expect to add +1 or +2 (FNQ/WA) to their existing estimate. (ie. Albury / Byron Bay / Wagga Wagga / Cairns / Hervey Bay)

Here’s what Australia Post have to say about the following Capital Cities:

Location, PostcodeBusiness Days
Melbourne, 30002
Adelaide, 50003
Sydney, 20003
Brisbane, 40004
Hobart, 70004
Perth, 70005


Zero / $0 / Nada – We’ve always offered Free Freight since we’re probably in a better position to argue to Australia Post (than you are at least) that we’re shipping more, more than last year, and that we’re expecting cheaper rates because of it.

Too often we see other online retailers tack on a sweet little surcharge to pad their bottom line (or boat), that’s how you kinda already know their products are cheap and imported 😉 – We’re not in the postage business, don’t see why they are.

Bugga – We’ve got this covered! Every parcel we ship, is at risk of being handled by an Australia Post Employee (We jest, half the AFL works there..) so we’re taking the absolute risk that something may go wrong in transit. No, we’re not going to argue with you.

We’ve had parcels shipped to the next suburb over, arriving like it was held together with confetti, tape, and sheer determination.
This is NOT acceptable. We take the absolute risk that your order should arrive picture perfect, at your front door.

In the event that you get something damaged/dented/mishandledContact Barn Light
We’ll arrange a return, replacement, or spare part to be sent to you at the soonest opportunity. No, this service doesn’t cost you anything.

In the event that you get something damaged/dented/mishandledContact Barn Light
We’ll arrange a return, replacement, or spare part to be sent to you at the soonest opportunity. No, this service doesn’t cost you anything.

We don’t agree with it either. Getting carded is infuriating after spending all day at home waiting for it.
Here’s a general “What to do from Australia Post”

Using Australia Post has its benefits despite what you may think. Australian Staff, Australian Call Centres, Australia Post Offices. We can find your parcel much easier than other suppliers however… yes, its not our product, its their service.

All parcels sent by Barn Light are marked as “ATL by Request” which is an extension on “Authority to Leave” – We mark as “Authority to leave can be requested by receiver” (That’s you!). This can cause some issues in the event of multiple boxes, simply because they may be delivered a day after each other. Don’t stress the tracking number shows your parcels being delivered.

Tax Invoices & Payment Methods

Credit Card – Yes. We use eWay for all online and phone order purchases. No we don’t store your credit-card on our website. We have the ability to re-charge your original credit-card should you wish to add purchases to your original purchase, by simply dropping us a call. No – We don’t charge a surcharge. 

eWAY Payment Gateway

No we don’t accept AMEX 3.5% / Diners 4% / UnionPay

Direct Deposit / OSKO – Yes – We LOVE Direct Deposits, because on average we have 2% on your order amount. We’d greatly appreciate that all orders over AU$5,000 need to be made by Direct Deposit where possible!

Here are our Direct Deposit Details:

Business Name:Barn Light Australia Pty Ltd
Account:411 728 004
Remittance:[email protected]

PayPal / Afterpay / BNPL Lenders – Nope! – Keeping it Simple, we accept Credit-Card or Direct Deposit.

Paypal adds another level of administrative requirements, one that doesn’t work FOR manufacturers (nor you in this example), Afterpay demanded that we pay them a 8% commission (Not even kidding!) which would have required a price rise to subsidise (increasing your price) the rest of our customers. Similar Buy-Now-Pay-Later outfits ask for MUCH more than the standard 2% tacked onto our credit-card payments.

30-Day Accounts – Yup! Our Trade Discount program is the first step that we recommend prior to requesting an account. 

To be eligible:

  • Pay the first order via Direct Deposit/Credit Card OR 20% Deposits for orders over $5,000.
  • The amount of your first order will become your credit limit.
  • You’ll need to spend at least $10,000 per financial year.

 Major Electrical Wholesalers already have active trading accounts with Barn Light Australia, so visit the page above for more information.

Simply send us an email ([email protected]) requesting a Tax Invoice for your Web Order Number (ORD#00000) or Invoice Number (INV-0000) with payments applied.

We will provide a Tax Invoice once you have provided the following details listed on the invoice. We will not supply invoices without this information. 

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Full Amount
  3. Contact Persons

This ensures that our pricing, (usually provided to our designers) remains confidential and customer privacy is respected. We’re not in the selling private information business so we don’t pack invoices in boxes either!

Contact Barn Light – We commonly answer emails for RFQ’s (Request for Quotes) within 48-hours, any longer and we’re awaiting information from the designer/specifier/architect which is routinely common due to the large range of product configurations we have available.

The best email is [email protected] for RFQ’s / Commercial Projects

We’ll only make payments to the Original payment method to ensure that fraudsters don’t intercept payment/refund attempts.

What this means to you – If you’ve paid via Credit-Card, you’ll be refunded to that same Credit-Card. Once funds have been sent it can take 48-72 hours for funds to become available to you. You’ll receive a copy of your refund via email direct from eWay in every case.

If you’ve paid via Direct Deposit – We’ll confirm details, and where missing ask for your Bank Details to make the payment. We expect this accounts to be the same BSB as the funds originally received by our Bank.

We process refunds once per week – It may surprise you.. we don’t do that many refunds, simply put we’re commonly providing return/swap requests than sending Cash Refunds back to Credit-Cards & Bank Accounts. For that reason we focus our administrative energies to refund clients on the following Monday once the request has been received (and we’ve got the stock back).