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Feature blog – Blended interiors and design

Transforming Empty Spaces Into Dream Places…

Blended Interiors & Design is a boutique Brisbane studio specialising in building design, interior design and interior decorating. They recently used our Barn lights in a project for a client of theirs, Rohan- a beautiful modern farm house. Come read all about this amazing company and the services they provide.

‘ Our passion for design enables us to create each project into a dream space catered to your unique needs.

Whether it is for a residential or commercial project, our qualified designers create modern and timeless designs that suit your budget and brief as well as reflect your lifestyle, personality and brand.’

Partnering with architects, builders and developers blended interiors and design deliver a seamless construction process and guide you along the journey of design and technical aspects of your project whilst ensuring the project deadlines are met.

Meet blended interior and design…


With seven years of passionate work in the design industry, Deanna is the heart and soul of Blended. Having recently started a family of her own, she brings a personal touch to designing the ideal home for hardworking Queenslanders. She knows the most important thing is to intimately understand a client’s brief and budget which is why we always make this our highest priority.


Sarah is an Interior Designer who is passionate and enthusiastic about her work which makes her a very valued part of the Blended team. Always hungry to learn more, she never slows down and is an eager and fast learner. Sarah’s eye for the finer details during the presentation and concept ensure she is always fusing her natural love for design with the intricacies of planning.


Chanelle brings a wealth of experience to Blended, including her Bachelor qualification in Architectural Design and a post-graduate Certificate in Marketing. Her background in luxury design gives her work a distinct prestige. With a keen eye for furniture design, Chanelle is always bursting with ideas to create the most beautiful spaces for our customers.

Background Information about yourself, property and business.

My name is Deanna Squires and I am the owner of Blended Interiors and Design. I have a young family of 4 and in between the craziness of raising a family I founded BID in 2019.

At BID we specialise in building design and interior design across both residential projects and boutique commercial fitouts.

Our team has grown to 5 in the last year with a mix of support staff, interns, building and interior designers which has been a really rewarding experience to see our small business flourish through unique times of a worldwide pandemic.

What project did you use our lights for?

This modern farmhouse is positioned on generous acreage in Mount Samson QLD

When we came on site for the first time we fell in love with the beautiful historic features and surroundings of this home.

The project wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition without the quality building works by Elysium Built.

Why did you pick barn light australia?

We love the simplicity of BLA’s lighting selections and the designs are versatile. They can be used for multiple styles: industrial, hamptons, retro which we love!

The quality of finish is also really lovely and durable which is great for an external installation. They were well suited to the design aesthetics of the overall project brief, we also LOVE supporting Australian businesses.

What style were you going for on your projects?

Being a family home we wanted to capture the clients vision of a modern family farmhouse with a pop of flare.

The house’s original floorboards were in great condition and really complimented the hand-made feature tiles selected throughout the house.

Majority of the walls were already lined with vertical join sheeting which also added some texture and pattern to the interior and overall feel.

We loved the selection of the front feature barn lights to the entrance which really complimented the existing facade and brought together the farmhouse feel and final touch.

How do you find the quality of the lights?

Quality is excellent. You can see that the designs have been thought through in detail and the high level of craftsmanship in the styles available.

I feel these lights will stand the test of time for durability and external use of being exposed to the outdoor environment.


Would you recommend Barn light Australia to others?


Do you have any future projects coming up where you would use Barn light australia again?

We are always looking to incorporate feature lighting into our projects and designs so yes we would definitely have projects in the mix that would be suitable to specify BLA.

instagram @blendedinteriorsanddesign


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Feature blog – Blended interiors and design

Transforming Empty Spaces Into Dream Places… Blended Interiors & Design is a boutique Brisbane studio specialising in building design, interior design and interior decorating. They recently used

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