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We sat down with Andrew from Communion brewing co, this is what he had to say about our lights! Stunning photography done by Jacinta Claire Photography..


Background Information about yourself, property and business. 


After running a local cafe for 6 years and brewing beers for sale through the venue, it seemed like a good idea to upscale slightly and create a new social hub for the city. The project was a 120 seat brewpub in Burnie, NW Tasmania.  It’s been open since November 2021

What project did you use our lights for?

Interious and exterior lightingh for Communion Brewing Co

Why did you pick barn light australia? 

The right style and the huge number of options.  We needed really large, cieling hung pendants and I coldnt find anything suitable. Came across Barnlight and was surprised to see the product I needed PLUS they came with the optio of comercially suitable LED globe options.

What style were going for on your project(s)? 

Neat industrial

How do you find the quality of the lights? 

Everything delivered was fantastic quality.  We were even able to have key components shipped early we could install them first. The guys were extremely helpful in solutions for our unique project and made it easy to get ecxactly what we needed.

Would you recommend Barn light Australia to others? 

Would absolutely recommend 

Do you have any future projects coming up where you would use Barn light australia again?

Hopefully nothing this big :Do



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