The Wesco Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

$262.00 AUD

The Wesco Flush Mounted Ceiling Light is based on century-old factory lights, providing an industrial aesthetic, courtesy of its deep-bowl shape.

25cm Wesco Flush Mount Light in Black Ace
25cm Wesco Flush Mount Light in Black Ace in Tiberius Flat 40cm Wesco Flush Mount Light in Black Ace
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4 - 5 $248.90
6 - 8 $242.35

    Barn Light's Standard Classics - Black & Whites

    Premium Metallic Finishes for when you need your light to illuminate your wow-factor. All these finishes have a 25+ Year Guarantee (except Galvanised)

    When you need a good pastel colour to compliment your home, or office - All colours shown below have a Pearl White Internal

    WS975-Galvanised Appendum

    WS975-Galvanised is a premium, hand-painted finish manufactured from quality fine metallic paints and Acrylic Etch Primers designed to age with the building and surrounds. You'll be probably asking yourself, "Great, but why so expensive?"

    1. Its hand-dabbed/finished, in our own factory.
    2. The paint is expensive - 8Ltrs of this formula costs $800
    3. Each fixture/batch requires the same pattern/colour mix.
    4. We don't keep stock - All parts needs to be batched.

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that Warranties are limited to two-years from the date of purchase for this finish, as aging is a desired effect.

    [DLQ] - Dulux Lexicon Quarter

    Lexicon® Quarter is impressive in modern open-plan spaces. It has a cool, fresh, modern appearance, particularly when combined with contemporary furnishings. ​Lexicon® Quarter on walls and trim will provide a seamless up-to-date style to your home, extending that look, feel, and style using a Barn Light ;).

    [ETF] - Tiberius is neither Brass or Gold...Its unique

    Electro Tiberius Flat (ETF) is a premium, zero gloss/flat powder-coated finish designed to replicate precious metals without the expense associated with. We've never called Tiberius "Brass" nor "Gold" as the colour is better characterised as a "Bronze/Green Patina" however that's exactly what customers call it. Our Tiberius Flat finish looks amazing in the right surrounds (Got Monument? Excellent Choice!) however Tiberius will simply not match your kitchen taps, brass handles, or anything you've already got installed due to its unique colour mixture. With a 25 year guarantee from Dulux, Tiberius Flat (and all Electros!) are designed to last decades to the point it'll probably become its own vintage with time.

    1. Buy Tiberius Flat to contrast and compliment Colorbond® Monument (Matt or Satin)
    2. If you've got too much Black/Darker Colours in the area - Tiberius will make it "pop"
    3. Don't buy Tiberius if you want to match something else.
    4. You recognise that Dulux discontinued this finish in March 2022, thus is now limited edition

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that you've read the above statement.

    Lighting designs without limitation. Match your homes unique colour scheme by extending the Colorbond® Range to your Outdoor Lighting Plans. Click to view the full Colorbond® range or visit our Shop By Colour page for more information

    Warehouse Shade Internal

    The internal colour for warehouse shades is Pearl White Gloss, a neutral white internal with your selected top-coat colour exterior.

    Warehouse Shade Internal

    The interior and exterior of your design will be the same colour all-over. Hardware & accessories will also be in this selected colour.

    • 460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)
    • 880 Lumens in a Yellow-Neutral White (3000K Colour Temperature)
    • 460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)
    • 480 Lumens in a Warm White (2700K Colour Temperature)

    These Guards will be finished in the same product finish ordered.

    • Our most popular residential cast guard - Excellent ratio of protection and light dispersal
    • Our most popular cast guard for commercial applications - Good ratio of protection and light dispersal
    • Most popular with coastal hampton styled homes - Best lighting dispersal, average protection
    • Our most popular glass option, especially with Vintage LED Globes
    • Our most popular cast guard for hiding unsightly bulbs. Creates a Halo Effect

    Vintage Tear Drop LED Globes

    • 460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)
    • 880 Lumens in a Yellow-Neutral White (3000K Colour Temperature)

    ST64 Vintage LED Bulbs

    • You'll supply your own Edison Screw Bulbs (E27)
    • 460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)

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This Wesco Flush Mounted ceiling light is sure to add a touch of farmhouse vibe to any room in your home. Our Wesco range of Warehouse Lighting is sure to find a sweet spot in your plans to feature farmhouse styling with vintage design. If you are renovating or building your next Queenslander home, our Wesco range is ideal for directed, task orientated lighting.

About the Wesco Flush Mount Light

The Wesco gives a prominence in every space it is installed, this ceiling light is inspired by deep-bowl factory lights, and features a straight stepped neckline. As an extension on “The Original Warehouse” family of lighting, we manufacture the Wesco with the same neckline as the 40cm Original before turning the bottom into a deep, yet not spherical, finished bottom. A directional task light if you will.

Where to use the Wesco Ceiling Light?

For tighter areas with small bench spaces, consider the 25cm Wesco for a bit of window dressing around featured areas, specifically over study nooks, kitchen windows (over kitchen sinks!) and areas where directional light is desired. If flush mounting seems a bit way off, consider our full range of Wesco mounting options.

Our 40cm Wesco is very large in both form and proportions, therefore we’d advocate for garages, stables, and similarly taller ceiling heights.

If you are considering complimentary styling like farmhouse / Hamptons, be sure that a deep-bowl, directional light is what you are looking to achieve, Barn Light always has options available to you – no matter your intended design!

Considering Flush Mounted Ceiling Lights?

Our customers are are always keen to maintain a visual design flow throughout their projects. As our fourth most popular warehouse shade (our best selling deep-bowl light) our Wesco is most popular in the 40cm version. This size makes an ideal finishing of kitchens counter-tops, and in walkways of commercial businesses.

Flush mount lights are a wonderful method to bring light and beauty to any area. They’re ideal for rooms that want a little of nostalgia or industrial style, and they’re also an excellent way to brighten up any space while providing extra usable height. The use of Flush Mount lighting, especially The Wesco ceiling light ensures an directed lighting dispersal, that directs your focus onto the task ahead.

Alternative Ceiling Mounted Lighting

Have you considered how you may apply your own personal style to this modern yet traditional design by utilizing one of our alternative mounting options?

We have similar ceiling lighting styles that provide more lighting dispersal such as our Universal Flush Mounted Ceiling Light. Whilst the Universal shines through in creating the “Queenslander” vibe more than any of our warehouse shades, The Wesco Flush Mounted Light will provide a more industrial vibe.

If considering a shade a little less directional, consider our Universal range of Warehouse Shades.

Frequently Answered Questions

The Ceiling Canopy / Ceiling Rose

We supply our “Stem Canopy” – a 11cm Diameter Die-Casted Ceiling Rose that comes with a threaded nipple  It looks like a hollow-threaded piece of pipe, which is usually pre-installed into the Ceiling Rose. The ceiling rose is supplied in Black Ace (EBA) Finish, and is designed to take the full weight of the fixture.

Adaptor Bracket

We provide a steel Adaptor Bracket with threaded  holes located at the left and right of the adaptor bracket. 8-32 x 3/4″ Pan Philips Screws are supplied (roughly M4 x 20mm long) in the same colour as the canopy, ensuring the entire fixture, and fixings appears the same colour on the ceiling.

Recyclable Packaging?

Yup, everything is then packaged into a brown or white paper bag and marked with your colour, size, installation instructions, and any applicable warnings.

Flush Mounted Lighting

Please take the shade height and add a further 3cm to accommodate the Adaptor Bracket + Gaskets + Coupler to give you an overall height, or rather ceiling drop from the installation point.

Indoor Rated Canopy

For all of our Flush Mounted Lighting Products, a dry location must be selected for the installation/termination point. This means that water cannot be present in the immediate area at any stage.

Thread-Tape is required for installation (around the nipple) to ensure water-tightness in high humidity locations such as Bathrooms and Toilets

All Barn Light Lighting takes a common “E27 / Edison Screw / ES / Screw Bulb” that you’ll find at your local hardware, or grocery store.

Yup – We use a ceramic Edison Screw (E27) Lampholder.

Whats.. Better? Ceramic?!

Our ceramic/porcelain Lampholders are simply designed to take as much heat as possible (Yes, We build better lighting than our competitors) without effecting the mounting / electrical cabling. Our outdoor pendant lighting is based on decades old, reliable, vintage engineering. 

Standard Outdoor Barn Lights – 100W

If you select the “default” arrangement which is simply marked as “Edison Screw Lampholder (No Bulbs Supplied)” with Standard Black Cord – You’ll have the ability to install a 100W Bulb.

Atomic Barn Lighting / Indoor Rated Cables – 60W

If you select an Accessory such as “Atomic Cast Guard” or French Braided Twist – When installed with Glass, you’ll be limited as the sealed glass enclosure becomes a literal heat-trap, resulting is a lesser Wattage rating (60W)

What you *may* want to know if considering purchasing elsewhere 

Our competitors will be supplying you with a thermo-plastic lamp-holder which becomes brittle & cracks over time, with a maximum of 60W being typical (also.. not organic / not recyclable). Need to light up an area? Nope – You’ll now need to install spotlights to find your car in Winter.

Smart Bulbs – When you need a kaleidoscope of colour.

Yes, our lighting is fully compatible however we suggest that you try one bulb in the most furthest away location from your wireless signal. We manufacture with Aluminium, and you’ll likely install your new Barn Lights onto Brick or Concrete walls. Neither of these materials are ideal for wireless signals to penetrate through so tread cautiously.

Yup – We hear you, this is sounding too good to be true for a lighting company.

Frankly (the short answer is “Yes”), we could write a page about this – so we did..  ->  Are Barn Lights Dimmable?

We keep all of our Lighting Installation Instructions available from the one page for future proofing.

If you need a “drop” from the ceiling, consider our stem pendant lights or suspended chain ceiling pendants in these conditions as a fixed installation provides less wind related issues for most entrances.

If you’ve got a ceiling that can take some weight, an upgrade to optional Atomic Cast Guards which increase the IP Rating to IP55 and provide an interesting focal point.

For the Kitchen

If you’d love a large drop, consider our The (35cm) Universal, (40cm) Original, or (40cm) Wesco for kitchen areas.

A typical 1.8m-2.1m (x 900|1200mm) Island bench should have 3x pendants installed equally spaced provide sufficient light during the daytime and evening. For every 400mm of space, the addition of one extra pendant is suggested. The higher you install your pendants, the greater light dispersal, the less pendants are required. Whilst balance makes sense, its not always easy to visualise online!

If you need the ability to raise and drop the height of your dining room table lighting – we recommend our Industrial Chain Hung Pendants

For the Bathroom

“The smaller, the better” – Sparkie dependant, we insist upon using the cast guard & glass to reduce water exposure (think steam) and diffuse light more evenly (Atomic Cast Guard drops the bulb to just before the shade rim in most shade models).

For Walkways, a taller shade with a smaller diameter will provide a smaller focused lighting style. For example the “Cafe Flush Mount Light“. For shorter, and wider diameters like the “Old Dixie Flush Mount” light will provide a wide dispersal

For Garages, an array of flush-mounted lighting will provide more depth to your space than every-day LED downlights. This gives your space some character, and a higher likelihood that you’ll spend more time within your space.

Yes – We have been developing our lighting for years and it is ready to integrate with any sensor on the market today. Your electrician, or related professional will work closely with you to determine which solution best suits your needs, but don’t worry: to put it simply, buying a Barn Light is the easy part of your lighting plan.

The types of sensors available on the market today are microwave (movement), lux meters (during dusk-to dawn periods), and PIR Sensors for night (heat sensor). The best solution for you will depend upon your local conditions, thus supplying a motion sensor isn’t under the purview of the lighting products we provide. 

For example: If you live in an area with nocturnal life, you wouldn’t want to install a motion sensor in your backyard covering a large amount of area. For similar reasons, you wouldn’t want a heat sensor covering the sunset as stone holds heat for a long period of time. Some video cameras these days now have a “pre-determined scope” or area of control to focus on, ignoring all else such as a driveway, ignoring the surrounds.

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