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With quality for our customers being our goal, we offer hardware and accessories to existing customers and orders only.

For this purpose, the components on this page are NOT sold separately.

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Hardware & Accessories.

So, you’ve put your Barn Light in the centre of the room with a pendant, then decided a stem will look better and cast better light. At Barn Light, you can order what you want without having to return the entire lighting fixture or agonise over that minor detail that’s only going to keep bothering you.

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Are you looking to spruce up a tired light with a touch of industrial style? Fit one of our wire cages and experience a vintage look that only time can appreciate. A cage light could look fantastic in almost any setting, from a kitchen dining area to a boutique or art gallery. Or you might be looking for some extra support for your light with a chain adjustable straight arm.

Regardless of the accessory or hardware you’re after, you can be sure that all our hardware and accessories are made with quality and style in mind. So, no matter what lighting you’ve chosen, cage light, barn light, pendant or any other, you can be sure that any added accessories you choose will suit your lighting style and design.

Browse through our selection of hardware and accessories below and read their individual descriptions for specifications. From rustic wire cages, gooseneck arms and cast guards we offer accessories and hardware in different styles and sizes to suit your lighting needs.

There’s a gooseneck for every application depending on the space available and the desired position and angle of the light,
making each fixture customisable to the specific needs of each space inside and outside your home.

For those of you with a technical mind, here are some of our design specifications.
(the rest of us can relax – we’ll make sure the right one gets to you)