G65 Heavy Duty Mounting Arm w/ Chain Support - 65cm+ Projection

$149.00 AUD

Copeland Developments - Custom G65 Straight Arm Copeland Developments - G65 Custom Adjustable Arm

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The most difficult installations are a thing of the past with our G65 Heavy Duty Mounting Arm. Our G65 mounting arm is secured to the wall by means of an outdoor-rated black-zinc plated chain that is connected to our standard wall backing plate. A galvanised steel end-cap completes the industrial heavy-duty arm, ensuring that both looks and toughness are equally valued. Consider our Heavy Duty Wall Backing Plate for most hard-to-access regions if you need to install this fixture on a brick or solid wall.

The “Tee Junction” where the shade is attached is permanent, but you may reduce the overall reach by cutting off the tail (wall-end) to suit your needs. The light shade’s attach point can be relocated to fit your needs, so it may be used in smaller regions. Our G65 Mounting Arm with on Chain Support can be manufactured shorter, you need only provide your preferred projection for us to make the necessary adjustments. If you require a larger projection, our G64 Mounting Arm w/ Chain Support can be manufactured to have a shorter projection.

A frequent question is, “Why would you need a chain assembly?”

A gale of wind is more likely to form over natural settings if you live in a rural area without the benefit of wind-breaking structures like the suburbs. In the case of strong winds, our chain assembly is designed to help support the lighting fixture. A typical scenario is for wind to race up the structure’s foundation (like a gale), driven by the ground, to the lighting fixture. When the winds stop blowing, our commercial grade chain provides a Wind Brace Resistance of about 200 kg, suggesting less structural damage and a higher chance of outlasting a big stretch of bad wind.

Important Product Information.

Frequently Answered Questions

The Backing Plate itself.

Our Die-Cast Wall Backing Plate [WBP-25mm / WBP-20mm] is 120mm in diameter and adds 30mm to your Wall Projections. The mounting screws are 89mm apart (Left/Right) across from each other or 45mm from the Centre Point. You can opt to install your wall backing plate on a 90° Angle in order to affix to 100mm square posts (for example).

Mounting to a Brick Wall without electrical? Running Conduit? See our Heavy Duty Wall Backing Plate for additional information.

Adaptor Bracket

We provide a universal “Adaptor Bracket” that allows you to affix this bracket to your structure using any of your typical fixings (think Timber Screws/Concrete/Masonry Fixings), then affixing your Wall Backing Plate using our supplied 2x 8-32 x3/4″ (M4 sized) Pan Phillips Screws into said Adaptor Bracket.

Waterproofing Gasket 

We supply an Australian Made closed cell (waterproofing) gasket designed to fit between your Adaptor Bracket & Wall Backing Plate.

Grub Screws

Two Steel Black (or Silver) Zinc Plated Grub Screws (5/16″ x 3/8″) are supplied to hold your gooseneck in position requiring a 4mm Allen/Hex (not included) tools to clamp in place.

Neoprene Gasket

A synthetic rubber O-Ring is supplied to butt against the internal 25mm Entry (nominally larger due to die-casting) and the 25mm Aluminium Gooseneck Arm (Straight Arm, Sconce, or otherwise).

Recyclable Packaging?

Yup, everything is then packaged into a brown or white paper bag and marked with your colour, size, installation instructions, and any applicable warnings

We keep all of our Lighting Installation Instructions available from the one page for future proofing.

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