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Looking to save Money? ☑
Save replacing costly, dull light bulbs? ☑ ☑
Save our Environment??? ☑ ☑ ☑.

If you are looking to never seeing nor having to replace a light bulb ever again, we’ve got an integrated solution for you. Our Integrated Atomic Energy Saving LEDs provide you with a completely dimmable and commercial grade lighting.

Remember getting something “commercial grade”, taking it home – you’ll know the feeling – Its durable, its high quality, and most importantly its dependable. Our Atomic LED Modules are ideal for lighting large portions of your outdoor area from the one fixture – These Barn Lights are designed to be friendly, without the drama of being blinded upon approach. A soft warm envious lighting solution or a crisp white secured area is what you need in your next Barn Light purchase.

2700K // Warm WhiteFor the ConsumerFor the Designer

2700K – Incandescent Yellow / Intimate, Cozy, Personal

2700K refers to the colour spectrum of light that we commonly associate with candle light, home, sunset, and the soft dancing of flames of the fireplace. Most Australians will have grown up under the warmth and homely atmosphere we can associate with incandescent lighting.

This is the light that you are probably most familiar with seeing around the home. The warm glow is reminiscent of the sunset or a flame. Common applications area: Bedrooms & Living Rooms
Those designing for restaurant & hotels are encouraged to use warm lighting as for the most part, restaurants and hoteliers want to create an inviting and intimate environment. This is why designers often choose warmer light sources with dimmers. Take notice that you can always adjust the lighting throughout the evening to encourage customers to take the time to relax.

4000K – Cool WhiteFor the ConsumerFor the DesignerNote!

4000K – Cool White / Clinical, Warehousing, Stadiums

4000K – When you require precision, clarity, and a clean environment. When you need precision and the ability to see your subject clearly, cool white lighting is ideal. These colour temperatures are going to be 4000K or higher for specialist applications.

If you are using your garage as a work space, and are tired of trying to find that 13mm socket that’s fell in the entire for n’th time today, you will want to use clean crisp lighting. This will bring clarity to any project you are working on and create the safest working environment.
Compared to a clothing retail (3500K) store, supermarkets typically opt for a slightly higher color temperature. This creates a better environment for examining foods and also makes the colours pop to make marketing packaging more appealing
We do NOT recommend colour temperatures over 3500K for retail environments as a these light sources are more commonly “too blue” and can make customers look unhealthy. This leads them to leave the store without making a purchase… and looking for sunglasses. 4000K~5000K has specialist lighting applications, namely medical, warehousing, and sports stadiums. If you require a lighting specification to suit, contact us!

Not an electrician? Don’t understand Technical LED, Voltages, Dimming? Skip this next bit.

Technical LED Information

Our “designed for purpose” Atomic LED lighting uses a integrated LED fitting into our range of Atomic Range of products. Utilising a 42V Dimmable Driver (AC), custom engineered Heatsink, and finally coupled with a high performance CXA2520 LED Module. Our Integrated Atomic LED unit provides an unparalleled high-performance lighting solution to any lighting environment.

All Atomic (ATOM) fittings are provided with a purposely designed atomic enclosure for all Barn Light Mountings. The installation method to install these units is the same as our standard atomic fittings. Input Voltage is [email protected] to the driver, Output Voltage is 42V. LED draw varies based on the selected module.

LED OutputColour Temperatures
Glass RequiredDriver M0del
1590LM (Dimmable)2700K (Warm White) [240H] // 
4000K (Cool White) [450H]
ALWAYS ☑Atomic LED Driver

LED Power Supplies Information

We utilise ERP Power LED Driver, a manufacturer of LED Drivers. The round shell LED driver was designed for our Atomic Series to sit nestled within the die-cast aluminium cap. Coupled with the required gaskets, our LED driver & LED Lens are completely protected from the elements.

Input VoltageEffective EfficiencyDimming StyleDimming RangeVoltages
220~240V AC85%Reverse Phase (AC)1-100% (21W Max)21W Max
500mA Output
42V Max

Important Product Information.
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Australian MadeOutdoor Rated
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