How to hang pendant lighting over a kitchen Island

It’s the constant head scratcher, how do you hang your pendant lighting over your kitchen island?

Lighting in your kitchen is extremely important, proper lighting and positioning allows for easy food preparation. Pendants hanging over the kitchen island highlights the island as the feature.

It’s recommended to hang your pendants 55-80cm apart and 55-80cm above the island bench, consideration that symmetry is in place.

The Wesco Industrial Chain Hung Pendant builds upon the character of traditional deep bowl pendant lights – Designed to provide a deep and directed light upon counters back in the 1900’s, Our Wesco has evolved to be a popular design application, highlighting certain points of interests around retail stores. You’ll find both the Wesco Deep Bowl Shades among top fashion stores providing a ‘call-to-purchase’ whatever lays beneath these deep bowl warehouse shades.

Kitchen Island Pendant Size….

It is crucial to get the size right, you want to make sure the pendant doesn’t pull away the focus from the kitchen. You want it to frame your island. It is task lighting but you also want to compliment your style. When choosing a pendant for kitchen islands or bench tops, consider the light already available to you and let your pendants fill in the gaps.

Consider the size of your kitchen, the size of your island, the size of the over all space. How high are your ceilings? Too small and your pendant will get lost, too big and the space will look cluttered.

Try making cardboard cutouts of the pendant shapes and sizes you like and hold them up in the space to get an idea of what works best before you buy.

To combine style and functionality, go for a row of matching pendants. The repetition will reinforce the design of the light and create a striking focal point in the room.

The Schoolhouse Chain Pendant combines a beautiful schoolhouse shade with a chain to give you an authentic vintage fitting for your home or business. Schoolhouse style lighting originated in the Victorian period and became popular as access to electricity grew into the 1950’s. The schoolhouse shade has timeless appeal and the chain adds a little rustic charm. With a variety of powdercoat colours and finishes to choose from plus options for single, double and triple colour strips on the shade, you can get creative and design your own retro light fitting to suit your space.

The Original Chain Hung Originals are quickly making themselves known as “Hampton Style” exterior lighting designs is the perfect way to brighten up any exterior. Your new chain hung pendant will make your room look like something straight out of a magazine! You’ll love how this piece adds character to your space!

If you have a small kitchen island, using one pendant as a feature works well too!

Put your Barn Light in the centre of the room with a pendant. Create the effect you want with a choice of narrow spot (Wesco) or broad light (Original, Astro), or even an all-directions schoolhouse light.

Chain hung Pendants are spectacular when used in kitchens and cafes as they keep the rest of the room low-key while highlighting the areas that you need – perfect for a dining table or food chopping bench, securely held by a chunky chain to complement that industrial décor you desire.

Sturdy stem pendants with their robust vintage charm lend an industrial, practical feel to the décor of your workshop or café.


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