Cord Hung Barn Pendants

Put your Barn Light in the centre of the room with a pendant. Create the effect you want with a choice of Deep Bowl or Semi-Deep Bowl (Wesco, Universal) or broad light (Original, Astro, Old Dixie), or even an all-directions schoolhouse light, Sydney.

We only offer pendant lights that are Australia made and loved, to give you the best lighting solutions for your home, place of business or any other space you are styling.

Industrial Ceiling Pendant Lights

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Make the shade a central feature with these ceiling-hung pendants in the centre of your room. With our Pendant Barn Lights, you can create lighting effects to match your style clean lines and broad curves, which enrich the beauty of your décor.

Add rustic charm to your pendant with a stylish dome such as the Old Dixie, or add contrast with a more focussed spot with a Wesco. Add industrial chic with something from our Atomic lighting range and enjoy this eye-catching and functional barn pendant lighting feature.

Our cord hung pendants are sure to add character and appeal to any room or outdoor space. From steel shades to industrial guards, our pendants could look fantastic above your kitchen island, dining table, or in your bedroom, and are ideal for houses with rustic, industrial, or vintage designs, as well as homes with a modern flare.

The barn light shade is one of the most loved designs when it comes to lighting in modern homes. This is because they add an industrial and sometimes even rustic edge, giving your house a unique vibe.

Our cord hung pendants could be the classic lighting solution you’ve been looking for to inject unmatched nostalgia or style into your home.

Your home, business or other spaces you’re styling will get a boost of rustic modern charm or an industrially chic experience.

Through their design and style, you can use pendant lights in a multitude of decors and spaces in various ways, such as adding a final notable touch to a modern farmhouse interior or a countryside winery and eatery. Hang a pendant light in an office break room for a unique lighting solution. Or illuminate a bedside table or reading area within the house.

Choose from a range of lighting fixtures and suspension cord styles to create your own custom barn light look. Our range includes pendant lights Australia made and loved. With many styles and designs to choose from, the possibilities are limitless.