Table of Contents

List of Installation Instructions (E27 / Edison Screw)

Gooseneck / Wall Sconces

[Mounting System] INS-0001_-_Goosenecks_-_Rev_AU1 (PDF)

Wall Sconces (Barn Wall Sconces)

[Shade + Electrical] INS-0009_-_Wall_Sconce_-_Rev_AU1 (PDF)      
[Mounting System]  INS-0009A_-_Wall_Sconce_Shade_Assembly (PDF)
[Mounting System] INS-0009B_-_Wall_Sconce_Shade_Assembly_(PDF)

Streamline Wall Sconce

[Mounting System]  INS-0015_-_Streamline_Wall_Sconce_-_Rev_AU1

Fully Integrated LED Units (LMH020)

Fully Integrated LED Units (LMH020 / 3000LM)

Pendants: Barn Light Fully Integrated LED Pendants (Draft Revision)


Old Installation Instructions (Replaced April 2021)



Stem Mount Pendant Installation

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    1. Hi Izzy,

      Are you looking for a cable supplier?
      We purchased these cables from Advanced Cables (since closed).

      Other options exist locally however the amperage on the cable we supply is ordinary duty

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