What happens when R&B Fridays starts with R&D? Well you’ll be happy to hear that the Research & Development crew got their groove back over the Christmas/New Years Break. Our Metalspinner took sometime just before Christmas to make us a customer 10mm Entry for the top of the Cafe Warehouse Shade, in his words “What the h*** do you want that for? Here we have it, The Cafe Barn Wall Sconce, an adaption between The Cafe Industrial Wall Sconce, The Bowie Barn Wall Sconce, and (Once used strictly for Food Warmers) The Cafe Warehouse Shade.

17cm Cafe Warehouse Shade Sketchup in AutoCAD - Line Drawing.
The Cafe Warehouse Shade Design – It doesn’t look like much but the design elements are endless. Gooseneck ✔ Pendant ✔ Stem Pendant? ✔ Industrial Wall Sconce ✔ Barn Wall Sconce ✔ Looks like we’re missing a Chain Hung Version? …..✔ (Coming soon!)

The Cafe Barn Wall Sconce starts the same neckline as our 30cm Original Warehouse Shade (Checkout The Original Wall Sconce, the same one Kyal & Kara used on their Toowoon Bay Renovation), instead of flaring completely out, the contour is finished with a clean line – one of the few “non beaded” warehouse shades in our range of Barn Lighting. Keeping in tradition of The Bowie Barn Wall Sconce (We literally had to rename it to accommodate this new product), we’ve used the same Bowie Sconce Backing in conjunction with a new side-hole on the Cafe Warehouse Shade – Voila! New Product.. New Groovy Product (Sorry R&D…)

35cm Original Warehouse Shade Sketchup in AutoCAD - Line Drawing.
The Start of something special – a slightly larger than 30cm AutoCAD Sketch that shows a larger flare than our 30cm Shade. We’re guessing its the 35cm shade that we’re not especially fond of – it looks nice but the difference between the 30cm / 40cm / 50cm / 60cm shades makes the 5cm jump seem unreasonable for design purposes.
30cm Original Barn Wall Sconce in Burnished Copper (Purple & Brown)
The 30cm / 12″ Original Wall Sconce in Dulux Electro Burnished Copper – Old USA Design – We use the Centre Hole to maintain a petite look!

Grab your Cafe Barn Wall Sconce for all the nooks and crannies of your abode or commercial premises. Designed to sit almost flush to the wall, you can create a wall mounted version of string-lights that will last so much longer then the real thing. Waterproofed for Outdoor use, we use all the same gaskets and sealants that the Bowie Wall Sconce utilises for a peace-of-mind purchase that comes with buying both ##Australian Made & #Australian Owned this coming Australia Day!

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