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Let’s explore some outdoor spaces, Summer is just around the corner

Summer is just around the corner, let’s explore some inspiration for outdoor spaces featuring our barn lights. Having the right lighting helps to create the atmosphere of the space and ensures you can spend the long summer nights out side as long as possible!

All Barn Light products are hardy and long-lasting at the best of times. Even our indoor lights continue to shine against all kinds of rough treatment and time.

But to ramp up the durability even further, we can outdoor-proof your lighting fixture to ensure the best Outdoor Rating that Australian lighting can offer. This involves silicone setting and other processes to ensure nothing will get in or corrode.

What are some key elements to make a outdoor space desirable? 

Outdoor furniture! 

Nicki from @cottonwoodandco knows how to pick the right furniture to create a beautiful area to relax and watch the summer nights roll by! It’s key to use outdoor furniture, which is made out of a protective material to ensure your setting area stays fresh, clean and stable for years to come.

Nicki @cottonwoodandco – Austin wall Sconce


Shade is important to protect you on those hot summer days or the few in between summer storms!  Catherine from @this_old_farmhouse52 knows how to style a beautiful spot on her verandah for those summer nights! Creating a space with a roof gives you the option for shade or protection from all elements.

Catherine @this_old_farmhouse52 – The old Dixie gooseneck

A place to eat!

We all know a key to a fantastic Australian summer is a bbq, having the right set up helps to bring the outdoor dining to the next level! This set up here by one of our customers is just amazing. I could definitely sit out here enjoying good food and relaxing on a summers night. Once that night light hits, you have your barn lights to light up the area for the rest of the night.

Sydney gooseneck with double neck in black ace

Sometimes those summer nights can become a little chilly, heating options are always a good idea!

It may be the middle of summer but we all know sometimes those summer nights become a little chilly! Our customer had the right idea here by installed a heating strip. Also another good source of heating is a fire pit.

The original goose neck on black ace

A she shed with an outdoor space!

Don’t have the room off your house for a little outdoor space? A she shed can be a great solution for a little outside retreat! Loni from Adore magazine has made her little retreat ideal, home office or a nice little spot to enjoy the summer nights.

Adore magazine – the original goose neck in black ace



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