Lighting for Australia’s Tropical Environments

Rusted Wall Light from Beacon Lighting

Barn Light has been a leader in designing and producing Australian Made Lighting since 2008. We provide you with purpose built lights that are specifically designed for your project or renovation needs; whether it’s commercial or residential – we have what you need! Tropical Locations are no longer a headache with our range of Outdoor Rated, UV Stable Powdercoated Aluminium Lighting designs.

The Rise of the Hamptons: Your Australian Beachside Home

Hamptons Black & Pink Colour Scheme

Where does the “Hamptons” style come from? Somewhere between Australia’s laidback vibe and the East Coast of America is a beachside haven for affluent New Yorkers. In fact, this cultural phenomenon has been adopted so well by Australians that they have even given it its own name: “Hamptons style.” The Hamptons is a small area […]

Gooseneck Lighting Styling with Brittany Hislop

entryway timber door 40cm original black gloss gooseneck barn lights near doorway brittany hilsop vintage society co

When Brittany Hislop of Vintage Society Co. designed her new home in a small Alberta, Canada town, she spent most of her creative energies on the interior spaces. After settling in for a few years, she turned her eye to the outside of her home.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Stay Hydrated & Wear Sunscreen!

aussie xmas tradition cricket banner

Melinda & I would like to wish you, your clients, your sparkies, and everyone who makes your dreams a reality this crazy year – a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2020. Thank you for your continued support during a unpreceded period that we’re all going to remember as a bright part of […]

Zoe’s Positively Original Style


With a passion for character-filled homes, Zoe Ella gets very excited by classic design. The colours, shapes and curves of old-world features appeal to her sense of style. She has turned this love into the craft of ‘Upcycling’, restoring retro furniture and fixtures to houses looking for that recaptured nostalgia. Zoe has been capturing that […]