Mounting your barn light

Do you want to install Barn Lights on your home but not sure how to mount them? We are here to help! No matter what light or surface you may have, we have a solution to help you mount your dream lights.


Queenslander / Weatherboard / James Hardie

Yes – Queenslanders & Weatherboards are always a fussy problem without a competent chippy or builder available. Rarely is it within an Electricians repertoire to start ripping off weatherboards to install lighting, but that’s quite literally not their job so to save some work – You’ve got two options.

1. Create a negative using existing weatherboards or a block – Your electrician may call this a “packer” resulting in a flat surface.

2. Purchase a ready-made solution such as Sureset Weather Board Mounting Blocks

ZincAlume / Corregated Iron / LYSAGHT / STRATCO

Cutting into ZincAlume is not what Electricians get up in the morning for.

Not only does it expose the inner sheet to the elements, but also reduces the structural integraity of the whole sheet. Finding the studs/beams/supports always creates their own set of issues so the best method really is adding a packing block similar to our WeatherBoard.



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