The curved gooseneck is an object of elegance in itself, and places your choice of shade in the position and orientation you need to create exactly the effect you want to complement your outdoor area.

Our outdoor wall light range includes warehouse, shallow bowl, & vintage styled shades on gooseneck mounting that will complement classic, old-school décor with impressive art & craftsmanship.

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Where to install goosenecks

Outdoors, a gooseneck creates distance from the wall, and the right shade will enable you to highlight features of your choice, be they a path, steps, a sign or artistic feature.

The arm’s elegant curves add a retro aesthetic to your decor, either classic or modern, and is built to last in all outdoor conditions. Indoors, a gooseneck can be used to illuminate art on walls or in cabinets, or to add extra light in soft focus to a kitchen bench or office workstation.

Keep your style by expanding your options.

A line of goosenecks along an interior wall creates a distinctive look in a café, while a singular gooseneck works to light up a cosy nook. Gooseneck lights also look great over bathroom vanities and farmhouse-style kitchen sinks.

Things to consider when choosing a gooseneck

How far you want the light to project out from the wall? In which direction do you want your light to shine? Barn Lights are customisable to fit light to arm, so you can choose a combination for exactly the function you need, while of course being an eye-catching feature in itself!

Outdoor Use

All of our lighting is rated for outdoor use to a minimum of IP44. If you’re installing lights in an area that is subject to severe weather conditions, choose from our range of powdercoat colours to ensure an enduring finish for all weather types. Secondly, we provide our products with all the necessary seals and gaskets. You won’t need anything more than silicon (and the sparkie!)

Buy your Barn Light for Life. Quality lighting where you need it.

Barn Light Australia is a boutique lighting manufacturer, sourcing Australian suppliers and artisans wherever possible for the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to produce light furnishings that are beautiful and functional — all made right here in Australia! Don’t go on a wild goose chase looking for quality lighting elsewhere, have a gander at the range we have at Barn Light Australia, and get in touch so we can help light up your space.