Outdoor Rated Sign Lights

two black sign lights over menu boards
Photo: Image courtesy of SMA Design

The curved gooseneck is an object of elegance in itself and places your choice of shade in the position and orientation you need to create exactly the effect you want to complement your outdoor area.

Our Outdoor Rated Sign Lights are designed to create a sophisticated and elegant effect. The curved gooseneck offers you the freedom to place your choice in any position or orientation necessary to create an atmosphere that is right on point!

The design benefits of our Sign Lights permits a full circle installation method, allowing for directional diffusion. Do you have menu boards or artwork that require complete visibility? Install your sign lighting to the left and right of the subject and diffuse the light from both sides onto your work.

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Style made easy

Our range of sign lights aren’t simply powerful enough to illuminate your menu board or artwork, but they are sleek and stylish enough to suit any interior or exterior design. Don’t waste your money on unsightly sign lighting; choose one of Barn Light’s fantastic designs instead. 

Where to use sign lighting

For that splash of light to catch the texture or unique colours and aspects of your wall or artwork, or even a sculpture, or to let your guests know where to find the doorbell, sign lighting is ideal.

Made to illuminate billboards, the contrast of spotlighted areas can draw attention to the best features of your house, artwork, restaurant menu, business sign and more.

Sign lighting for your business

Few things are more important than your commercial sign lighting if you run a business. Your sign serves as a billboard, announcing your business to potential clients and assisting people in finding it. However, if it isn’t working, you risk losing customers and missing out on income that could help you advance. Fortunately, we provide a wide range of commercial sign lights, allowing you to keep your business illuminated throughout the year.

Sign lighting is vital and advantageous for a business to include in its interior or exterior sign design. Instead of merely getting 12 hours of return, you can get 24 hours of return with your outdoor sign being illuminated after the sun goes down. 

We can offer sign lighting that is equal parts stylish and powerful for your signage needs and illuminate your menu or outdoor design perfectly. When compared to the benefits it provides, sign lighting can be a very cost-effective investment.

Outdoor Sign Lights

Our lighting is outdoor rated to IP44, making sign lighting suitable for both interior and exterior use. Creative designers, businesses and homeowners have come up with many applications for these versatile lights, illuminating statues, bookshelves, entertainment areas, and the occasional sign.

Common Outdoor Applications

  • Illuminating decorative awnings and walls.
  • Accentuating outdoor murals and other unique architectural design features
  • Address signs, numbers, doorbells and emergency numbers
  • Highlighting signs, logos, and other corporate markings

Interior Applications

  • Highlighting menu boards in restaurants, bars, bakeries, and coffee shops.
  • Drawing attention to products on the shelves in retail settings.
  • Emphasising artwork, indoor murals, and other design features.