Sign Lights

For that splash of light to light up the texture of your wall or artwork, even a sculpture, or to let your guests know where to find the doorbell, sign lighting is ideal.
Made to illuminate billboards, the contrast of spotlighted areas can draw attention to the best features of your house or artwork.

Outdoor Sign Lights

Our lighting is outdoor rated to IP44, making sign lights suitable for both interior and exterior use. Creative designers, business and home owners have come up with many applications for these versatile lights, illuminating statues, bookshelves, entertainment areas, and the occasional sign.

Common Outdoor Applications

  • Illuminating decorative awnings and walls.
  • Accentuating outdoor murals and other unique architectural design features
  • Address signs, numbers, doorbells and emergency numbers
  • Highlighting signs, logos, and other corporate marking

Interior Applications

  • Highlighting menu boards in restaurants, bars, bakeries, and coffee shops.
  • Drawing attention to products on the shelves in retail settings.
  • Emphasising artwork, indoor murals, and other design features.

Popular Sign Light Products

Barn Lights most popular styles of our sign light range are our:

  1. 20cm/8″ Frontier in Electro Black Ace with a G22 Gooseneck Arm.
  2. 25cm/10″ Emblem in Electro Black Ace with G15 Gooseneck Arm.

From March 2020, The 20cm/8″ Frontier is Australian Made!

The 25cm/10″ Frontier and Emblem family will remain American Made and sourced until further notice. Furthermore, significant lead times apply, so be sure to check stock levels before ordering!

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