Where to install sconces

Use sconces to provide a focal point in a room. Or install sconces in such a way as to divide a room into different living areas, thereby creating the illusion of more space. Collected in twos or threes over bathroom vanities, sconces both enhance personal space and provide task lighting. Incorporate sconces along the walls of a passage or hallway to illuminate wayfinding. And of course, Barn Light Australia’s sconces can used on exterior walls too.

The halo effect

Wall lighting isn’t designed to light up a whole room, instead the halo created by lighting on a wall works to accent aspects of a room, providing a gentle relaxed feel, and enriching the lived experience of a space. Outdoors, sconces provide an attractive and useful glow without contributing to light pollution. Combine the gentleness and beauty of wall lighting with the clean lines and uncluttered forms of Barn Light Australia’s sconces to express you own creativity.

Your design

A glass cover and gloss finish will add sparkle to a room or accentuate the throw-back industrial design of Barn Light Australia’s sconces with raw finishes, chunky cast guards, or pendants that feature exposed bulbs.  Choose colours and finishes that merge with and enhance the room decor or aim for something a little more dramatic and create a feature of the lighting. You can pair wall sconces with matching ceiling pendants to bring unity to a larger space.  Perhaps create a little old-world charm in a room by combining a collection of china plates, a framed watercolour, a vintage wall mirror, and an Austin Wall Sconce.

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