What is Schoolhouse Lighting?

Schoolhouse lighting was used in schools and government buildings during the 1920’s, covering more contemporary spaces such as law courts with their classic style. Our sampling of Barn Lighting brings forth an inherently welcoming aesthetic that is the Schoolhouse Lights Collection. This lighting range features opaque globes in two unique styles, a variety of powdercoat colours, specialist banding, and a variety of mounting styles.

Types of Schoolhouse Lighting Styles

Historically – Schoolhouse Pendants were the only available option afforded to the Law and Educational spaces. This ability permitted those under its illuminating to read and converse well after dusk. The design benefit of large, clear or opaque glass provided significant light dispersal afforded by high wattage globes. In contrast, as routine maintenance was required, this limited their use to institutions that could budget accordingly. Above all, this is reason why Schoolhouse Lights were limited to schools, courts, various government building.

Quality Schoolhouse Lighting

Inspired by vintage lighting, our lighting integrates a textbook design to your new space. The Australian-Made Schoolhouse Cap suspends a globe affixed using three knurled thumbscrews, enabling the creation of any mounting style you desire. This design presents you with an opportunity to install in a wide variety of settings. Ideal places rooms include the kitchen, dining rooms, and commercial venues all while maintaining an affluent decor. Lighting that complements both contemporary and traditional design styles!

The durability of Schoolhouse Lighting

Extending upon Barn Light Australia’s design principals and workmanship, each light can be waterproofed to permit installation to the harshest of environments. Vinyl bands (where purchased) are made from high-quality 3M automotive trims to resist the harshest of UV that Australia has to offer. As a result, we offer two sizes for the Glass Schoolhouse range, and a single sphere size made from PMMA/Plexiglass which unlike acrylic, won’t go brown nor crack over time. We want our products to outlast their environment without destroying it!

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