Rustic Wall Sconces Add a Hint of the Sea to Residential, Commercial Spaces

When you live by the sea, the salt air gets into your veins and never truly leaves. Even if you don’t live near the coast, you can infuse your home with nautical style by adding elements that exude a relaxed, comfortable, yet sophisticated style. Think white beadboard, blue striped fabrics, and tangible hints from the sea such as shells as accessories. Some of our newest offerings here at Barn Light Australia include rustic wall sconces that will lend a coastal look to any residential or commercial space.

The Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce, shown above, combines a nautical top with an industrial cast guard body for a rugged fixture perfect for indoor or outdoor locations. Consider this utilitarian wall light for hallways, bathrooms, and entryways at home, or in commercial settings such as restaurants, retail stores, and boutiques for a nautical feel.

For a sleeker look, don’t miss the Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Sconce which features sleek rounded corners, horizontal grooves, and a sturdy backing plate for a rugged industrial look. Like the Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce, this wall light is American made, Aussie assembled, and rugged enough for interior or exterior locations. Add some rustic style to your garage, bathroom, or porch with this beautiful sconce which comes standard with a heavy-duty cast guard. This feature makes it perfect for commercial lighting applications and would make a stylish statement in office spaces, taverns, and eateries.

And unlike cheaper fixtures, these industrial style guards are simply threaded into the base for easy access to the glass and bulb making cleaning and bulb changing a breeze. Choose clear glass for maximum light output or go with the ribbed/prismatic glass for a more decorative touch. This fixture can handle up to 100 watts for plenty of light no matter where you install. And every purchase from Barn Light Australia is backed by our world class customer service!



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