<em class="algolia-search-highlight">Flush</em> Mounted Dual Atomic Guard Stem Pendant

topless double cast guard pendant 100 black

Australian made lighting with Mid-Century Style, The Flush Mounted Dual Atomic Stem Pendant is not the typical foreign junk you expect from your basic, big-box-store! Give your home a nautical style with this rugged pendant light. Inspired by early 1900’s ship lights, this double ceiling light has a rustic bullet shape …

<em class="algolia-search-highlight">Flush</em> Mounted Dual Atomic Guard Sconce

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Looking to add industrial and rustic styling to your bathroom but can’t find something as stylish as our Flush Mounted Wall Sconce? You’ve found it!
Our Flush Mounted Dual Atomic Industrial Sconce was designed as a minimalist modification to our Dual Atomic Industrial Wall Sconce with no stem length between the bracket and …

Atomic Industrial / Flared Wall Sconce Assembly.

flush with the external surface.


As shown, notice the O-Ring will small overlap.
Screw the nipple all the way until the small O-Ring sits flush within the cavity.


Insert the 1/4″ Grub Screw and tighten
The Grub Screw should sit flush with the external surface.

Generic G3 Assemblies


G3 …

25mm Gooseneck/Stem Electrical Assembly

… Coupler Base.Notice the unique positioning of the Earth Terminal – The red plastic crimp should not cover the threaded hole. This position ensures the Ceramic E27 lamp-holder fits flush against the Hex Coupler Base.

PROCESSStrip 5mm of Wire from both Brown & Blue Wires.Brown = Lead | Blue = NeutralTwist & Roll the wire to reduce the length &


Gooseneck Wall Lights

… will be to secure the Wall Backing Plate (Step 9). Mark and drill holes as necessary, then secure and adjust the adapter to create a sturdy base flush with the wall.

7b (otherwise): If not using the Wall Backing Plate Adaptor, hold the Wall Backing Plate Gasket with the screw holes level across the hole …

Introducing: The Cafe Barn Wall Sconce - A newer/older product?

barn light cafe barn sconce electro black ace 1

… to sit almost flush to the wall, you can create a wall mounted version of string-lights that will last so much longer then the real thing. Waterproofed for Outdoor use, we use all the same gaskets and sealants that the Bowie Wall Sconce utilises for a peace-of-mind purchase that comes with …


… and need new lighting? We’ve got it.Need something to finish off that Queenslander Home? We’ve done it. 
You can stop searching…
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Ceiling + Shade
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When you need space. Shop Small[er].

Take a look at our range of shades to suit your style, as well as …

Fully Integrated LED Modules

Defocused close-up of panel with bright luminous LEDs

… accessory options. For cathedral and vaulted ceilings, consider our hang-straight canopy with your LED pendant lighting. If you’re looking for a more compact LED fixture, flush mount pendant lighting options are available.

Cree LED modules provide lighting designers and manufacturers with simple, easy-to-adopt LED lighting solutions that reduce luminaire development time …

The Bullet Cast Guard

barn light the bullet wall sconce dark bronze prismatic glass thick guard

… on your choice of colour finish. You can also customize this fixture with our TGG option, which offers an even chunkier look to the cast guard. The flush mount lighting brings industrial style to any space. Rated for wet locations, this sconce can function as exterior lighting, highlighting garage walls or entryways, but looks just …

Are Barn Lights Dimmable?

barn pendant lighting

… lighting package consisting of older style technology. This cheaper lighting package will have AC Diode Dimmers which cause major issues with LED bulbs, we’ll talk about that in a few minutes.
Why does my current light bulb flicker (strobe), flash, or jump between (ie. 50% dim to 100%)?
You have an incompatible pair – the

Shop by Colour

… is a rich, deep green that bridges the gap between heritage styles and today’s contemporary living. It is inspired by heritage buildings of the past, the lush green of the country side, and the tranquil and peaceful qualities associated with this colour.

Shale Grey™ is evocative of Gulf coast mud plains, pale grey …