The <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Chain Hung Pendant

… needs to be relocated. Our use of durable, die-cast assemblies means you are a quick link away from the perfect lighting solution for an event.
Our Old Dixie Chain Hung Pendants is comprised of classic warehouse style with a wide light dispersal. The 43cm Old Dixie is better designed for a “deep bowl” style …

Introducing our <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Wall Sconce

… range of Barn Wall Sconces. Available in our typical offering of Dulux & Colorbond powdercoat colours and additionally with an Atomic Cast Guard & Glass you can design the Old Dixie to fit your abode or business.

33cm Old Dixie Wall Sconce in Electro Black Ace

33cm Old Dixie Wall Sconce in Electro Black Ace
w/ Nautical …

The <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Wall Sconce

Bring the charm of an Old Dixie shade to your front porch with the Old Dixie Wall Sconce.
Perfect to place just above your doorbell or front entrance, your guests will be greeted with this smaller version of the classic light shade on a beautifully curved sconce to show off its style at just above …

<em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Stem Pendant

Our Old Dixie Stem Pendant is comprised of classic warehouse style with a wide light dispersal. The 25mm Stem provides a durable, non-rusting strength, designed to withstand high winds or areas prone to gusting that would otherwise rule out a standard barn pendant light.
Constructed from 100% Australian Aluminium, one Old Dixie is more …

The <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Gooseneck Barn Light

… a large space with light from a small number of these gorgeous Barn Lights. Suitable indoors, though the quality craftsmanship that goes into all our lights makes Old Dixie a long-lasting feature in outdoor conditions.
Old Dixie – The history of a modern Barn Light
The Old Dixie warehouse shade is considered to be a …

The <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Old</em> <em class="algolia-search-highlight">Dixie</em> Barn Pendant

barn light 33cm old dixie barn pendant electro black ace shade rim scaled

Shaped to provide a broad spread of light from its beautiful bell-like dome, Old Dixie will fill the largest areas with a warm, inviting ambience, while an admirable work of art in itself.
Our most popular ceiling-mounted shade, Old Dixie features artistic curves and classic flair to your kitchen, dining area or contemporary …

Designer Focus | Xtra Shiny - Adelaide

clever little tailor quality liqour bar frontage vintage xtra shiny 1

… au/features/get-activated/)

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few high resolution photos of Clever Little Tailor, courtesy of Adam & Xtra Shiny.

Our 33cm Old Dixie Barn Lights produce a nostalgic return to Peel Street’s ’70s vibe while illuminating the lane way.
A close up of our Old Dixie‘s and …


Gooseneck Wall Lights


By now you should have:(A) A Standard Electrical Assembly – see below

(B) Your Barn Light shade (Original, Old Dixie, Astro etc.)

(C) A mounting arm (Gooseneck or pole arm)

(D) A Wall Backing Plate Kit (plates, O-ring, gasket, brackets, screws – see below)

And …

Shop by Shade

… perfect accompaniment to light your outdoors area yet shield the eyes, but if you want a bit more historic charm, take a look at the very popular Old Dixie.

Very popular for an indoor pendant is The Universal, which provides superb retro flair while providing a broad light into living areas. For a more focussed …

Three Birds Renovation - "Bonnies Dream Home"

White Outdoor Light

… Barn Lights were sold in the following configuration (You are more than welcome to design your own, we ♥ designers!) If you are looking for proportion, 43cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light with a G15 Gooseneck Arm and for the 33cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light select a SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm..
43cm Old Dixie

Customer Focus | John & Kerrie H. from Lake Conjola, NSW

… John & Kerrie’s lakeside home has been finished with a Old Dixie Barn pendant light, blending effortlessly with their industrial ceiling.

The side view of our white Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light, with custom* galvanised post mount and hooking provided by the customer

The side view of our white, porcelain enamel Old Dixie light with …

The Universal Gooseneck Barn Light

barn light 25cm universal gooseneck barn light sg16 sconce arm colorbond monument matt

With its slanted neck leading into the classic warehouse shape, The Universal shade provides a broad spread of light refracted from its dish-like dome while shielding eyes and neighbours from light direct from the bulb. This deep bowl style permits for more focused illumination without the characteristic broader illumination associated with The Old Dixie

The Original Barn Pendant

40cm Original Barn Pendant in Electro Black Ace

… The Original is a sleek, rounded warehouse shade devoid of hard edges like those found on Modern Barn Light Designs such as the cascading features of The Old Dixie Barn Pendant.
Extend your Space and Designs
Firstly, mix up The Original Barn Pendant with our outdoor wall lighting; The Original Gooseneck Barn Light and The …

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

40cm black barn light wall mounted gooseneck

… Original Gooseneck lighting complements ultra-modern urban lofts, trendy businesses, and much more. If you’d prefer a shade with more modern style, look to our The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light for inspiration. To light a wall, the Hamptons Styled Wall Light is a very popular 30cm shade in Flat White.
Looking for Inspiration …

Client Focus | A good start to the new year is a renovation plan

… dining room, Katie leaned towards the style of industrial barn pendants and has since purchased an Ivanhoe Bomber Porcelain Barn Light (Discontinued 2018 – Check our 43cm The Old Dixie Barn Pendant, same style, different materials. The barn-style fixtures fit well with the design she is creating for her new home.
“I chose the Bomber …