Our success has been based on offering powdercoat colours and finishes that no other Australian (or international) website can offer. Whether you need something that makes the kitchen “pop” or compliments the Colorbond fencing, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll find our range of colours are complimented with their own dedicated page in the future to give you some depth of the colour rather than a website swatch.
You can order colour swatches directly from Dulux Powders (Electro/Duralloy/Alphatech) or visit your local hardware store to view the Colorbond Range.

Our most popular colours are highly desirable, carefully selected, and extremely durable in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. These powdercoat colours are ideal for Australian Conditions, because they are made here,m anufactured by Dulux Powders – Applied by local professionals.

Most Popular Colours

Dulux Electro Black Ace Powdercoat Colour
Flat Vintage Black – Zero sheen.
Feels like French Provincial
Dulux Electro Venerable Silver Powdercoat Colour
A dark tarnished silver that dances in the sunlight.

Your Grandmother’s Wedding Ring.
Dulux Electro Flat White Powdercoat Colour
Flat Vintage White
Zero sheen, Hamptons White
Dulux Electro Burnished Copper Powdercoat Colour
Characterised by its unique pearlescent purple.

Vintage by night & a statement piece

Dulux Duralloy Pearl White Gloss Powdercoat Colour
High Gloss White
Our Warmest White
Dulux Electro Tiberius Flat Powdercoat Colour
Bolder than brassy, yet softer than Gold.

An accented vintage that accents and evokes prestige.


All the colours have been inspired by the colours of Australia. So, whether you prefer colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, just select one you like from the palette to find out more about the inspiration behind it.

We offer the full range of Colorbond Colours – We don’t show every available option below, just the ones that we know are popular! Visit Colorbond for the full range: https://colorbond.com/colour

Surfmist® embodies qualities of freshness, purity timelessness and independency.

Snow, the mist from the sea and surf, pure white sand, and the billowing sails of yachts all remind us of this colour.

A powerful, modern grey with a neutral cast, Basalt® deliberately lacks the green tones that would soften its impact when used in ultra-modern designs.

Woodland Grey® is inspired by the depth of cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus on a rugged mountain plateau, the twisted bark and deep olive green leaves of teatree along the coast, the mossy boulders and ferns found in mountain crevices.

Manor Red® is a strong colour, set deep in the Australian psyche. It evokes feelings of the vast expanses of red earth found in the Pilbara and other areas of outback Australia.

Paperbark® is a warm, neutral colour which is specified and used for a range of environments whether city, bush, coastal or suburban, across all states.

It blends with sandy beach environments, inner city spaces and suburban landscapes.

Windspray® is mid-strength, neutral grey with a blue undertone that brings to mind a gentle breeze, soft shadows and the misty sea on a cloudy day.

Monument® is unashamedly a city colour. It will emphasise the modernity of today’s architecture. It is a strong, confident, neutral colour adding depth and strength to the colour palette.

Cottage Green® is a rich, deep green that bridges the gap between heritage styles and today’s contemporary living. It is inspired by heritage buildings of the past, the lush green of the country side, and the tranquil and peaceful qualities associated with this colour.

Shale Grey™ is evocative of Gulf coast mud plains, pale grey pebbles reflecting the sun, the ethereal grey mist rising from a surf beach, the silver grey leaves of native flora and the shimmering outcrops of rocks on the Great Dividing Range.

Inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of our coastal regions, Ironstone® has captured a new mood for COLORBOND® steel colours.

Pale Eucalypt® is a favoured choice for Australian homes, reflecting the colour and grandeur of the Australian gum. Its gentle, muted hue is suggestive of tranquillity and beauty, and captures the essence of Australian flora.

Deep Ocean® is a conservative yet appealing colour that mimics the richness and depth of the ocean, and the vast blue haze of a distant mountain range