G65 Gooseneck Arm – Adjustable Straight Arm

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Australian MadeOutdoor Rated (IP44)
[alert type="info"]The G65 Gooseneck Arm - Adjustable Straight Arm SHOWN HERE IS NOT SOLD SEPERATELY and must be purchased as part of any our standard gooseneck fittings.[/alert] The G65 Gooseneck Arm - Adjustable Straight Arm is manufactured by Barn Light Australia here in Hallam, VIC using 25mm x 3mm Wall Thickness Structural Aluminium (6060-T5) sourced from local Australian suppliers. Using our pipe-threader we create a clean thread that will be used to affix our hex-coupler base or atomic cap to hold the lighting fixture and more importantly, keep our electrical wiring safe and secure from the elements.

Pipe bending is completed using in-house staff operating our hydraulic pipe bender designed with three different shoe sizes (formers) that create bends in either 15cm, 20cm or 30cm diameters, some products use more than one shoe and custom goosenecks are possible to create with a little engineering help by our staff.

The G65 Gooseneck Arm - Adjustable Straight Arm is supplied with a 25mm Wall Backing Plate and Fixing Hardware to install onto your mounting surface. We include an aptly named "Adaptor Bracket" that permits you to mount our lighting onto any surface (concrete, timber, brick etc). Screws are coated in the same finish as ordered, so the whole unit will look identical.
Overall Projection [OAP] Overall Height [OAH] Overall Drop [OAD]
73cm 47cm (Adjustable)

The chain assembly is designed to support the lighting fixture in the event of high winds. The chain supplied is of commercial quality (designed for use with rigging 200KG+) and essentially provides a Wind Brace Resistance of the parachuting effect hitting the structure, raising the lighting fixture