The Frontier Dual Arm Sign Light

$399.00 AUD

    Internal / External Finishes

    Shade Internal: Dulux Pearl White
    Shade External: As Selected

    Internal / External Finishes

    Shade Internal / External: All White Colours & Metallics are coated "All Over".


    Colorbond has inspired homeowners to design with Australia's Colour palette. Whether you prefer colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, just select one you like from the palette to find out more about the inspiration behind it.

    Click here to view the entire Colorbond Range

    Dulux Colorbond (+$29)

    Please type your preferred Colorbond® Colour.

    Dulux Electro

    The Electro range of powder coatings is formulated with durable, UV resistant raw materials that come in a wide range of fashionable colours. Each colour is designed with an ultra low sheen, silky, and anodised finish. Each colour has been cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, as light conditions alter throughout the day. [button style="medium filled arrow-right" icon="paint-brush" title="View Full Colour Range" url=""]

    Dulux Powdercoat™ Electro (+$29)


    Fat Vintage Stems

    Each stem has a 3mm wall thickness, which will absorb any form of draft, high wind, and knocks life presents. You can be assured your new Barn Light will last the test of time. To ensure rigid installation, all stem products come with grub (set) screws to provide durability, integrity and safety of all our stem pendants. Hardware is inclusive with all of our Barn Lights.

    Petite Stem

    Our Petite Stems are manufactured from 20mm extruded aluminium pipe, made from T5 structural aluminium. Each stem has a 3mm wall thickness which will absorb any form of draft, high wind, and knocks life presents. You can be assured your new Barn Light will stand the test of time. The difference between 'Fat Vintage' and 'Petite' is simply the size of the pipe, otherwise the product is the same. 

    Flush Mount

    Our Flush Mount fixture installs your Barn Light Shade directly to the ceiling. There is no need for a stem with a flush mount. Flush mount lighting takes up less room than traditional pendant lighting, so you can enjoy the same pendant shades in homes with lower ceilings.

    Stem Length

    Additional Mounting Options

    [HSC] Hang Straight Canopy

    Our Hang Straight Canopy is perfect for mounting stem pendants on sloped ceilings, featuring a ball and socket affixed to a 15cm backing plate that lets your stem hang true from a slope ceiling.

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Australian MadeOutdoor Rated

The Frontier Dual Arm Sign Light takes inspiration from Barn Light USA’s The Dual Arm Sign Light this showcases two of our Frontier Angle Shades affixed to a durable die-casted wall mount. If you are looking for an industrial gallery light, this sign light provides excellent directional lighting! You could also add several Dual Arm Frontier Sign Lights to your restaurant lighting plan, highlighting the logo on an awning or the menu inside.

Custom Australian Outdoor Sign Lights

This fixture makes commercial lighting design easy with a plethora of design options and configurations. For example, we’re able to match Colorbond colours and offer the full range of dulux powdercoat, while also providing custom light projections and spans to suit your needs. As a hand built Australian made lighting fixture, the Dual Arm Frontier Sign Light is guaranteed to provide your business with years of service.


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