We're having a sale.

Here's the



Find an Egg on our website that looks like the following:

red egg gold egg pewter egg chocolate egg

  1. Click the egg to go to a secret webpage.
  2. Copy the coupon code text within the quotes.
  3. Add something to your shopping cart (quickly!)
  4. Visit the Checkout Page and apply your coupon code.
  5. Your order can only have ONE Coupon Code Applied.
  6. Coupons are marked as “redeemed” once your order is placed. Reminder – Get in QUICK to avoid disappointment


There is a limited amount of  eggs, uses, and time left before the parents take them all away! All the eggs get confiscated on Tuesday (06/04/[email protected]:59PM)!


Update: 2:06PM – Lets keep this competition fair for everyone!

We’ve found some naughty eggs attempting to bypass our ordering/coupon restrictions/systems.

To make it clear; entry infers that you use

  • One Coupon Code
  • One Per Person
  • Unique Per Email Address
  • Unique Physical Addresses


Placing orders as “[email protected]” doesn’t work.
Sending it to your mates place, also doesn’t work.

We’ve got an Egg Head (The Managing Director) who can see exactly what’s happening in real-time. We’re within our rights to cancel all orders that appear or attempt to be fraudulent…

barn light easter egg sale eggs