Gooseneck Lighting Styling with Brittany Hislop

entryway timber door 40cm original black gloss gooseneck barn lights near doorway brittany hilsop vintage society co

When Brittany Hislop of Vintage Society Co. designed her new home in a small Alberta, Canada town, she spent most of her creative energies on the interior spaces. After settling in for a few years, she turned her eye to the outside of her home.

Zoe’s Positively Original Style


With a passion for character-filled homes, Zoe Ella gets very excited by classic design. The colours, shapes and curves of old-world features appeal to her sense of style. She has turned this love into the craft of ‘Upcycling’, restoring retro furniture and fixtures to houses looking for that recaptured nostalgia. Zoe has been capturing that […]