The Universal just got more universal!

Great news from the Barn Light design crew:

The astoundingly popular Universal shade is now available in sconce form!

Yes, the classic angles of our most versatile of lights – ideal for the widest array of applications – just found even more versatility.

We love the Universal Wall Light, and it turns out that a lot of designers do too, so we got to work making our favourite shade to purpose for even more uses. We set our product design team and manufacturers to task and they came up with this perfect little 25cm bowl – deeper than the Original, but with a wider arc than the Eclipse – that fits perfectly on our close-to-the-wall sconce arm.

Universal Wall Sconce Photograph Backdrop Camera
The Barn Light Universal sconce

Our first try came out a bit deep, looking more like a cone than a shade, and we already have that with the Eclipse. We wanted that Universal shape. After a bit of back-and-forth with the metal spinners, we eventually nailed that classic Universal shape in small-dish form and are very happy with the result.

Placed just above a painting, it highlights the art while splashing plenty of light into the room. When placed above a desk or kitchen bench, it makes a high-light shadow-free work area with just the right amount of glow for the rest of the space.

The first delivery of the Universal Sconce has gone out to Sydney designers Heliconia, pictured here in a lustrous Electro Tiberius coating to compliment a Colorbond Monument Matt Backdrop – we’re looking forward to see what Sally and Renée accomplish.

As always, take a look at the Barn Light product page to see which light suits your style, and find The Universal Wall Sconce

Universal Wall Sconce Alternatives

  • The Wesco Wall Sconce
    $246.00 AUD
  • Eclipse Wall Sconce
    $236.00 AUD
  • Austin Wall Sconce
    $246.00 AUD


  • Universal Wall Sconce
    $246.00 AUD
  • Universal Stem Pendant
    $262.00 AUD
  • The Universal Gooseneck Barn Light
    $262.00 AUD
  • The Universal Barn Pendant
    $252.00 AUD


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