Outdoor Wall Sconces

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white hampton style light on grey brick with white windows in background

For your interior corridor or exterior porch or patio, light up the wall and highlight artwork with a splash of light from one of our beautiful sconces, with a shade to enhance the beauty of your house and décor.

Wall lighting is designed to work with your wall to accent aspects of a room, providing a gentle, relaxed feel, enriching the experience of the space. Outdoors, sconce lights offer an attractive and useful way to guide the eye when it gets dark.

See which shade fits your purpose. And your wall.

Close-to-the-wall sconces can artfully highlight features with a halo of light to provide eye-catching splashes of light on artwork and engaging contrast to the room.

Wall lighting is intended to work in conjunction with your wall to highlight specific features of a room while also producing a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that enhances the overall experience of the space. Sconce lights give an appealing and functional light source while also guiding the eye outside. To express your creativity, combine the gentleness and beauty of wall lighting with the clean lines and uncomplicated forms of Barn Light Australia’s sconces.

A glass cover and gloss finish will add sparkle to a room or accentuate the throw-back industrial design of Barn Light Australia’s sconces with raw finishes, chunky cast guards, or pendants that feature exposed bulbs. Create a little old-world charm in a room by combining an Austin wall sconce with an artistic feature, a collection of china plates, a framed watercolour, or a vintage wall mirror.

The Universal Wall Sconce Light is an industrial wall sconce small enough to fit into any home or office. This light is ideal for areas requiring illumination that can be focused on a single spot, such as a bench, till or workstation.

The Industrial Static Wall Sconce is the perfect light to achieve next-level rustic, with a nautical-inspired aesthetic that screams durability. Ideal for walkways and garages or hardware stores where the no-fuss theme inspires practicality.

The Austin Wall Sconce is our most popular wall-light, and it’s the perfect addition to any Hamptons-style home. The Austin Wall Sconce is a small wall sconce that produces a bright spot of light and a warm glow from a deep bowl that shields the eyes from direct light.

With Streamline Moderne, you can relive the Art Deco era of the 1930s. The Streamline Modern will compliment your most elegant period theme décor with its horizontal flare and evident nautical design components.

If you’re looking for outdoor sconce lights, you’ve come to the right place. We have an extensive selection of attractive outdoor wall lights that are IP certified for enhanced protection and ideal for any property in Australia. There’s something for everyone; whether you’re looking for vintage or modern outside sconce lights or something more rustic, take a look through and find your perfect outdoor wall sconce.