This compact industrial wall sconce is designed to fit into any home or business. For those locations when you need a light you can focus on one area – a bench, till or work station – The Bowie Wall Sconce will do the job.

The Bowie Wall Sconce in Electro Black Ace | Our Bowie petite warehouse shade is 20cm in diameter with a small backing plate.
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  • A carefully selected range of popular, outdoor rated powdercoated colours.

    WS975-Galvanised Appendum

    WS975-Galvanised is a premium, hand-painted finish manufactured from quality fine metallic paints and Acrylic Etch Primers designed to age with the building and surrounds. You'll be probably asking yourself, "Great, but why so expensive?"

    1. Its hand-dabbed/finished, in Australia, by Humans.
    2. The paint is expensive - 8Ltrs of this formula costs $800
    3. Each fixture/batch requires the same pattern/colour mix.
    4. We don't keep stock - All parts needs to be batched.

    By checking this box, you acknowledge a minimum wait-time of four weeks (1 calendar month) from the date of purchase where purchased after the 20th of any month. Warranties are limited to two-years from the date of purchase for this finish.

    Barn Lighting without limitation, match your homes unique color scheme by extending the Colorbond Range to your Outdoor Lighting Plans. Click to view the full Colorbond® range
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Australian MadeE27 Edison Screw

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The Bowie Wall Sconce provides a perfect accent for any space with contemporary industrial styling. The clean lines of Petite 20cm Bowie shade are versatile enough to work with any existing decor while still giving you plenty of room to add some creativity. This industrial wall sconce is great for covered outdoor use, making it the perfect addition to porches, patios and verandas. The real stand out is reading-nooks, kitchen walls, and bedroom table lighting.

The Bowie Wall Sconce is a Hampton inspired wall sconce designed to fit into any home or business.
For those who desire a little more light on the ceiling, our Bowie can be rotated on a 360° Axis from the install point.

Please be aware of the limit of one full rotation, else the cable will become tied together within the wall cavity.

Wall Projection (total) Overall Height Shade Height Shade Width
21cm 24cm 17cm 21 cm

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Buying your The Bowie Wall Sconce provides you with the following guarantees

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6 Months
Included for first unit only.

¹3-Years for Residential / 2-Years for Commercial | Warranties
²20% for non-most popular colours | Return Policy

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