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Schoolhouse Lighting

Cast your style back. Way back. Back to industrial Art Deco of 1920s schoolhouses. Classically styled Schoolhouse lights featured throughout law courts and schools of the early 20th century. 

Ideal for open-plan areas, for kitchens, dining areas and entertainment halls and fill a great space with a welcoming, all-over glow.

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  • The Schoolhouse Gooseneck Barn Light

    $273.00 AUD
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  • Black and White Schoolhouse Barn Pendant on Black Cord

    The Schoolhouse Barn Pendant

    $262.00 AUD
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  • Schoolhouse Industrial Chain Hung Pendant

    $318.00 AUD
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  • The Schoolhouse Stem Mount Barn Light

    $272.00 AUD
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Schoolhouse pendant lights were the go-to model for schools and law courts. The centrally hung position is ideal to reach all corners of the space, leaving no shadows. The great fill of these lights even extends upward, illuminating the beautiful ceiling features that were also popular in that era.


Types of Schoolhouse Lighting Styles

The powerful globes are well-protected by the ceramic shells designed to disperse the light broadly and evenly. These come in two unique styles, as well as a variety of powdercoat colours, banding designs and mounting styles. To match the school house globe, the industrial chain-hung pendant is particularly popular, while the stem-mount suits the need for a sturdier fixture. Increasing in popularity is the wall-mounted gooseneck barn light for a decorative row of these beautiful ceramic domes.

Quality Schoolhouse Lighting

Inspired by vintage lighting, the Australian-Made Schoolhouse cap uses a universal three-thumbscrew suspension. This enables you to match them to any mounting you desire, and in any setting. Barn Light makes each light to the high standards of Australian design and workmanship. We can waterproof the dome for installation in the harshest of environments, either inside or outside.

High-quality vinyl 3M automotive trims are ideal for outdoor use as they seal the light while resisting high-UV light that we Australians know all too well. We offer two sizes of glass dome in the Schoolhouse light range, and a Plexiglass sphere that will continue to perform far longer than anything made from acrylic. Like the schoolhouses of old, these are made to last!