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An industrial pendant is an ideal piece of lighting that’s discreet enough to install but striking enough to shatter any monotony and seize attention.

25cm Schoolhouse Industrial Chain Hung Pendant in Black Ace w/ Black Triple Banded Stripes | 25cm Opaque Glass w/ [TRP] Black Triple Banded Stripes
35cm Schoolhouse Industrial Chain Hung Pendant in Black Ace w/ Black Triple Banded Stripes 35cm Schoolhouse Industrial Chain Hung Light in Black Ace w/ Pink Bands
  • One of our most popular features is the range of colours that we can offer. Its not just Black & White - here's our readily available range of classic colours

    WS975-Galvanised Appendum

    WS975-Galvanised is a premium, hand-painted finish manufactured from quality fine metallic paints and Acrylic Etch Primers designed to age with the building and surrounds. You'll be probably asking yourself, "Great, but why so expensive?"

    1. Its hand-dabbed/finished, in our own factory.
    2. The paint is expensive - 8Ltrs of this formula costs $800
    3. Each fixture/batch requires the same pattern/colour mix.
    4. We don't keep stock - All parts needs to be batched.

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that your order will be waiting a minimum wait-time of four weeks (1 calendar month) from the date of purchase where purchased after the 1st of any month. Warranties are limited to two-years from the date of purchase for this finish, as aging is a desired effect.

    [ETF] - Tiberius is neither Brass or Gold...Its unique

    Electro Tiberius Flat (ETF) is a premium, zero gloss/flat powder-coated finish designed to replicate precious metals without the expense associated with. We've never called Tiberius "Brass" nor "Gold" as the colour is better characterised as a "Bronze/Green Patina" however that's exactly what customers call it. Our Tiberius Flat finish looks amazing in the right surrounds (Got Monument? Excellent Choice!) however Tiberius will simply not match your kitchen taps, brass handles, or anything you've already got installed due to its unique colour mixture. With a 25 year guarantee from Dulux, Tiberius Flat (and all Electros!) are designed to last decades to the point it'll probably become its own vintage with time.

    1. Buy Tiberius Flat to contrast and compliment Colorbond® Monument
    2. If you've got too much Black/Darker Colours in the area - Tiberius will make it "pop"
    3. Don't buy Tiberius if you want to match something else

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that you've read the above statement.

    Lighting designs without limitation, match your homes unique colour scheme by extending the Colorbond Range to your Outdoor Lighting Plans. Click to view the full Colorbond® range

  • Schoolhouse Glass Size

    25cm Opaque Schoolhouse Trim & Bandings

    25cm Clear Schoolhouse Trim & Bandings

    35cm Opaque Schoolhouse Trim & Bandings

    35cm Clear Schoolhouse Trim & Bandings

    Single Banding with Trim

    A single wide banding in your choice of colour with a silver, gold or black trim. The single band is available in our standard range of colours (minor colour variations). Choose the same colour as your schoolhouse fitter (cap that holds the glass) for a uniform look or design your own for added style. Our Vinyl Banding is made from 3M automotive vinyl insuring durability and style lasting years.

    Double Banding

    Dual 6mm wide banding at the top of your elegant Schoolhouse glass shade. Select the same colour as your schoolhouse cap and hardware, or design your own from a wide variety of colours.

    Our Vinyl Banding is made from 3M automotive vinyl insuring durability and style lasting years.

    Triple Banding

    A thick 9mm and thinner 6mm band at the top of your selected elegant Schoolhouse glass shade with an additional single 6mm band located at the bottom. Available in a range of colours. Our Vinyl Banding is made from 3M automotive vinyl insuring durability and style lasting years.

    Banding Colour Options

    Trim Options


    All Pendants are supplied with a 12.5cm black round ceiling rose/canopy free of charge.

    • Outdoor Rated Cable

    [SBC] Standard Black Cord

    Standard Made in Australia using thick, durable PVC cable. As a weatherproof cable, Standard Black Cord is ideal for use where a bit of rain is anticipated. Minimal gloss is a feature to ensure your Barn Lights don't look cheap. 70% of our customers choose this cable style [1.5m Supplied]

    [BCC] Black Cloth Cord

    Black Cloth CordMade from touch woven cotton strands, our Black Cloth Cord is suitable only for indoor environments, well away from water. Manufactured to resemble cables of decades past. Where comparing against Standard Black Cord, you'll find Black Cloth Cord to be the softer, and lesser industrial, and preferred style. [1.5m Supplied]

    [WCC] White Cloth Cord

    White Cloth CordThe exact same cable material as our Black Cloth Cord, just available in White. Perfect pairing for Cherry Red, White, Jadite and other cooler pastel colours. 70% of customers prefer White Cloth Cord over White PVC Cord.  [1.5m Supplied]

    [BCT] French Braided Black Cotton Twist

    French Braided Cotton TwistA luxurious and vintage style so rare that we had to import direct from France for a period (Yes really!). Each Wire is separately braided with cotton cloth before being woven around each other, recreating the French provincial style. A style so unique that your local lighting store won't have it.  [1.5m Supplied]

    Extra Length

  • Zinc Plated Chain includes Black Zinc Quick Links


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The Schoolhouse Chain Pendant combines a beautiful schoolhouse shade with a chain to give you an authentic vintage fitting for your home or business. Schoolhouse style lighting originated in the Victorian period and became popular as access to electricity grew into the 1950’s. The schoolhouse shade has timeless appeal and the chain adds a little rustic charm. With a variety of powdercoat colours and finishes to choose from plus options for single, double and triple colour strips on the shade, you can get creative and design your own retro light fitting to suit your space.

Shade + Fitter Height  School Shade Diameter
30cm 25cm
40cm 35cm
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