We’ve all experienced it, a loss of something significant. The 2019-2020 Black Summer left a memory onto our children, waking up during school holidays to a smoky haze. Driving home through a smoke haze, smelling of burnt eucalypti was difficult to comprehend even for the adults among us.

Our world was on fire and we had no way to stop it.

2019 – Black Summer

Friends and acquaintances we talked to all felt their home and community threatened as the fires drew closer to East Gippsland. We all felt anxiety and the angst of coming home to literally nothing.

2020 – canberra / ACT Hailstorm

So. we did something… After the Canberra Hailstorm in early 2020 – I received a call from a frustrated home-owner. Their Gooseneck Barn Lights were not yet six months old and the widely reported hailstorm had damaged the shades significantly enough to warrant an insurance claim being made. The cost of replacing all of their new fittings would have exceeded $3,000 plus the cost of trades-persons and the eventual wait to get those trades out.

As a majority of their goosenecks and mounting was in otherwise perfect condition (quality eh?) – the home-owner and I came to a mutual agreement. We’d replace the damaged portion of the lighting fixture, with nothing more than a few photos to show the damage (and for us to verify electrical safety) and the inventory required to replace the fittings. Those shades and one gooseneck were sent out the following week. Three weeks later the property was back to “as new” condition, bar a few (still) broken window frames.

From the 1st of July 2020, Barn Light Australia offers a new-for-old/return for repair program as an extension of our product warranties. This program is designed to mitigate disasters that effect the people that purchase our lighting products. It may not be able to mitigate climate change, hailstorms, or rebuild your house for you – however purchasing a Barn Light should give you some relief when you make that forever home purchase.

The Legal Definition


A) Replace a lighting fixture in full based on the original order, where available. OR,

B) Repair a lighting fixture to original condition where the product is discontinued/unavailable/considered an uneconomical replacement.

For products out of warranty – as decided by Barn Light Australia.

In either case, a flat fee of $100 for materials will be charged to repair, replace, or renew.

This fee will be invoiced to the original invoice customer unless the customer can proof of purchase/ownership (via invoice OR photographed product certification label). Freight will be charged as incurred by us via Australia Post; more often than not it would like be waived based on the cost of materials.

Warranty Page

Barn Light Australia Warranty Page

Why are we doing this? Because we’re Aussie, we can, and we care.

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