Your Design & our craftsmanship

together we will create art that lights up your room with style and classic beauty

Each Barn Light product is hand-crafted with love.
We spin all our shades, bend each gooseneck, wire the whole electrical assembly and complete your light in high quality finishes and coatings.

The Universal Gooseneck Barn Light in Black Ace
Design credit

Our aim: To provide customers with their desired atmosphere through lighting solutions of classic beauty, style, and quality Australian craftsmanship.

Jesse-Lee Stringer – Managing Director

Lighting Collections

Gooseneck WALL Lights

A collection of warehouse, shallow bowl, & vintage styled shades on gooseneck mounting.

These elegant pieces are ideal for making an impression with art & craftsmanship, complementing classic, old-school décor.

The Universal Gooseneck Light
Design credit @adoremagazine

Wall Lights & Sconces

Our range of outdoor wall lights & wall sconces are perfect for a closer-to-the-wall fit.

For wherever you would like the light to splash onto the wall to highlight natural texture or artwork, or to provide the room with more diffused, indirect lighting. Perfect for those areas with less room, such as a balcony or hallway.

The Austin Wall Sconce
Design credit @cottonwoodandco

Wesco pendant

Cord & CHain hung Pendants

A collection of simple, vintage styled farmhouse lighting. Designer, or your own styling.

Simple elegance in a range of combinations for your own design, these ceiling-hang modular pendants are as versatile as they are affordable.

The Wesco Pendant
Design credit @saraparsons

Original pendant stem

Industrial Stem Pendants

Sturdy stem pendants with their robust vintage charm lend an industrial, practical feel to the décor of your workshop or café.

Particularly good outside or in ventilated areas (outdoor fans) as they will stay steady even with stiff airflow.

The Original Stem Pendant
Design credit @Cafe1eight

Designer Powdercoat Finishes

Our powdercoater forms a small family owned business that has been operating since 1989, having long supported the Victorian transportation industry. This expertise and decades of knowledge provide you with a superior, industrial coating on each Barn Light product.

Durable Outdoor Lighting – Made in Australia

Recently Released

We release, refine, and repurpose our lighting into new styles and mounting. Here’s a small list.


Here at Barn Light Australia we love manufacturing, and we’re a bit obsessed by it.
Working with raw materials, applying determination and craftsmanship to come up with artefacts of beauty and lasting function is our great satisfaction and pride.

You can feel the good craftsmanship in a Barn Light – the dependable weight of genuine, well-crafted art, designed to enhance the character of your space.


Everything we make, we make for a purpose – Quality.

Filling spaces with beauty and Australian craftsmanship keeps us coming to work each day full of purpose, while each day striving to do this even better.

Managing Director
Jesse-Lee Stringer