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Each Barn Light product is hand-crafted with love, all made with outdoor rating to withstand Australian exterior conditions. We’re a great company, selling nothing but excellent quality lighting. We don’t import our Lighting like everyone else, we spin all our shades, bend each gooseneck, wire the whole electrical assembly and complete your light in high quality finishes and coatings.

Creating your space? Why shop for the same old things? Create your Barn Light – Just for you, just by Barn Light.

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White Hampton Styled Wall Sconce on Brick Wall

The Austin Wall Sconce in Pearl White Gloss. Credit: IG/@cottonwoodandco

Barn Lights are outdoor-rated for lighting durability and longevity. Made in Australia, our quality lighting is manufactured using quality raw materials and craftsmanship.

Every Barn Light is designed to exceed your expectations, from the durability to the aesthetics – everything we do is designed to up hold our Australian values & standards, and most importantly withstand the Great Outdoors.

Your new Outdoor-rated Barn Lights will keep your back yard well-lit and looking great for years to come.

You've found your Hamptons Federation Queenslander Minimalist Lighting. Right here.

Decided that Hamptons styled lighting is what you want. We’re here for you.
Got a Red Brick Federation Home and need new lighting? We’ve got it.
Need something to finish off that Queenslander Home? We’ve done it. 

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Take a look at our range of shades to suit your style, as well as the option of a chain hang for extra industrial aesthetics.

Our range of Flush Mounted Lighting are readily available as Flush Mounted Stem Pendants. Coming Feb 2021 – You’ll have the option to purchase these Flush Mounted Barn Lights from their own product listing.

Chain Hung Pendants

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Our range of Industrial Chain Hung Pendants are being photographed for 2021 – Some products like our Schoolhouse & Original Industrial Chain Barn Pendants already exist so, also coming Feb 2021.

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We’re always creating new products, content, testimonials, and photos! Here you’ll find a some except of our content on everything from Barn Lighting to Customer Testimonials, Product Packaging, to what we’re working on next. Feel like we’re worthy of a guest blog – give us a shout, we’re always up to assisting small businesses like ours!

entryway timber door 40cm original black gloss gooseneck barn lights near doorway brittany hilsop vintage society co
Barn Light Australia

Gooseneck Lighting Styling with Brittany Hislop

When Brittany Hislop of Vintage Society Co. designed her new home in a small Alberta, Canada town, she spent most of her creative energies on the interior spaces. After settling in for a few years, she turned her eye to the outside of her home.

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Need some Old School Kitchen Laundry Bathroom Mudroom Lighting?

Decided that you miss home-schooling? Schoolhouse Lighting is what you want. Why?
Need a Red Kitchen Light with thick bands, Got a place to show off?
Need something that spreads life & light out of your home?

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