Industrial Chain Hung Pendants

Deep Bowl Pink Chain Hung Lighting with White Farmhouse Background

Chain Hung Pendants are spectacular when used in kitchens and cafes as they keep the rest of the room low-key while highlighting the areas you need. Perfect for a dining table or food chopping bench, securely held by a chunky chain to complement that industrial décor you desire.

If you’re creating a larger usable space, then our flexible cord pendants or solid stem pendant lights are great options. With an additional mounting hook/eye, your Industrial chain hung lighting fixture permits you to “put your light” away or install directly over the centre of the kitchen table or the farmhouse stables. When you need a flexible but dependable lighting solution, this is it!

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These lights are a terrific way to create a bold statement in various locations, and there’s plenty of potential to personalise them. They are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes, and they can be used as a single fixture, a series, or even a cluster.

Pendant lights can completely change the appearance of any area in your home or office. In Australia and worldwide, they are a popular lighting solution in many residential and business settings. Get yourself a set of kitchen island pendant lights or veranda lights right here!

Yes! Imagine – chain-hung lights at regular intervals along your veranda. A row of Astros or Universal shades lighting up enough for you to walk around and find your Pinot while shielding your eyes so that you can still appreciate the sunset.

Pendant lights aren’t just for inside; they’re also popular in the outdoors. They’re perfect for illuminating tables, benches, and seating spaces and can be hung from a fully covered roof, veranda, porch, or patio.

Perhaps you have an outdoor corridor, in which case, Schoolhouse lights on chain pendants give you old-school cool with that early 20th-century rugged retro feel while flooding the length of that walkway and the back yard with a broad, soft glow.

If you prefer shades, take a look at The Original or Astro for classic retro flair.

All our pendants and fittings are adaptable to each of our shades, so you can mix and match to find the style and function that best suits the look that you are after, confident that all Barn Light products will stand both time and hardy conditions

What would complement your industrial-style warehouse shades better than rugged chain mounting? Chain Hung Pendants can now be used to establish a lighting style to suit modern farmhouse décors, industrial-inspired spaces, and commercial spaces.

Bringing historical lighting designs and classic detailing to the modern world, Chain Hung Pendants allow you to stamp your stylish character and personality into each design.

Traditional, modern, and contemporary interiors all use this style of light. Hanging above a kitchen island bench, gracing a living or dining room, lining a corridor, or dangling above a stairwell or bedside table in the bedroom are all frequent places to find them. Pendant lights are utilised in a variety of commercial settings, including cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores, to name a few.

Whether you live in a coastal beach inspired holiday home, a modern rustic designed kitchen, or vintage styled living room, our variety of pendant lights may complement a broad range of décor. Choose from pearl white glass pendant lights or classic black pendant lights that are reminiscent of factory lighting from the 1940s. We have a pendant light to suit your every demand, regardless of your design, colour, or style.

We don’t muck about.

The chains we use are sturdy, heavy, durable and no-nonsense aluminium, and we provide you with a minimum of one metre per pendant. This stuff is built strong and to last. Each link is coated with Black Zinc Plated Chain with your choice of Warehouse Shade in any powder-coated colour you desire.

Wired featuring either a black or white Australian made electrical cable. We use a commercial-grade sealant that requires at least a five-day curing time to provide a flexible, mould resistant, and non-corrosive seal around our electrical cables—providing you with a durable, sturdy and waterproof barn light.

For those who require a simple, indoor rated solution, build your own Chain Hung Pendant using our exceptional range of Cotton, Cotton Braided, and PVC cable colours and patterns.

Cotton cord common combinations:

  • [SBC] – Tiberius Flat Warehouse Shades w/ Standard Black Cord 
  • [WCC] – Electro Flat White Shades w/ White Cloth Cord 
  • [BCT] – Venerable Silver or Silver Reign w/ French Braided Black Cotton Twist