Outdoor Stem Mounted Lights

Looking for an industrial vibe and need something a little more “ooph” that a normal pendant cannot accomplish? Enter our Stem Mounted Lights

When it’s time to head home from a long night of work, sometimes the last thing you want is to have to wince to the brightness of spotlights and downlights.

Luckily with our stem mounted lighting that isn’t an issue anymore! These ceiling mounted fixtures focuses light upon the pathways you design, without blinding your focus. An illuminated pathway back into a world that is your home. From the front porch right through to your kitchen, retiring to your bedroom.

Our stem mounted fixtures are ideal for exterior locations due to their heavy-duty, wind resistance when installed on a sturdy surface.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights | Farm House Lighting | Exterior Lighting

Sturdy stem pendants with their robust vintage charm lend an industrial, practical feel to the décor of your workshop or café.

Particularly good outside or in ventilated areas (outdoor fans) as they will stay steady even with stiff airflow.

Combine with Old Dixie for classic charm, or Atomic with your design of piping stem for an industrial feel.