The story about how our business started.

With a passion for vintage lighting, in 2008 Bryan and Donna Scott left their professional careers to launch Barn Light as a fulltime business. Drawn to antique lights for their timeless designs and craftsmanship, the couple decided to manufacture their fixtures the old-fashioned way — by hand, from high quality materials. They revived the art of metal spinning, and introduced their own porcelain enamel operation in 2012. At the time, porcelain enamel lighting hadn’t been manufactured in the United States for more than fifty years. Having grown up in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center, Bryan and Donna know first-hand what hard work and imagination can accomplish. Even with Barn Light’s rapid growth, the couple continues to imbue this belief into each light the company manufactures.

In the early days of the lighting industry, when shades were diligently handcrafted from the highest quality materials, lights were intended as lifelong features of a setting. Porcelain enamel, an early hallmark of the industry, was used as an extra layer of protection to keep these lights performing, even in taxing industrial and agricultural settings. With the advent of cheaper materials and manufacturing techniques such as powdercoating, most lighting fixtures lost this initial durability.

The American Story….

Motivated by a desire to return to the original way of doing things, our lights are manufactured with skill and artistry. In our Florida-based facility, flat pieces of commercial grade metal are spun on a lathe and are carefully manipulated and sculpted until they assume the correct shape. To fully replicate the quality found in vintage lights, a collection of these handcrafted shades are coated in porcelain. This meticulous process ingrains a tangible sense of dependability and integrity directly into each light we produce.

Everything we make, we make for a purpose – Quality.
If we did everything for money, we’d take no pleasure in our lives – feeling a purpose coming to work each day makes us *want* to do and be better.

Managing Director
Jesse-Lee Stringer