The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light

$298.00 AUD

    Internal / External Finishes

    Shade Internal: Dulux Pearl White
    Shade External: As Selected

    Internal / External Finishes

    Shade Internal / External: All White Colours & Metallics are coated "All Over".


    Colorbond has inspired homeowners to design with Australia's Colour palette. Whether you prefer colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, just select one you like from the palette to find out more about the inspiration behind it.

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    Dulux Colorbond (+$29)

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    Dulux Electro

    The Electro range of powder coatings is formulated with durable, UV resistant raw materials that come in a wide range of fashionable colours. Each colour is designed with an ultra low sheen, silky, and anodised finish. Each colour has been cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, as light conditions alter throughout the day. [button style="medium filled arrow-right" icon="paint-brush" title="View Full Colour Range" url=""]

    Dulux Powdercoat™ Electro (+$29)


    The mounting arm, wall brackets, & accessories are coated in the same colour.
    Please add 1/2 of the select shade's diameter & the selected Gooseneck's projection to get an approximation to the overall reach from the wall.

    • Projection: 37cm | Height: 17cm
    • Projection: 47cm | Height: 19.5cm
    • Projection: 57cm | Height: 19.5cm
    • 29 $
    • 29 $
      Projection: 57cm | Height: 19.5cm
    • 29 $
    • 99 $
    • 99 $
    • 129 $
    • 99 $
    • 199 $
      Projection: 42cm | Height: 32cm | Plate: 10cm x 45cm
    • 99 $
      Projection: 52cm | Height: 19cm | Drop: 20cm
    • 99 $
    • 99 $
    • 199 $
    • 199 $
    • 199 $
    • 199 $
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Australian MadeOutdoor Rated (IP44)

Are you looking for a vintage, nostalgic feel to your new restaurant, room, or office building? If you are looking for time-tested design along with illumination, the start of your next product Frontier is in sight. A quality product absent from the big boys in electrical is now not only available by Barn Light Australia, but in true-blue fashion, now Australian Made!

Where would I use The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light you ask – Here’s a short list;

Restaurant Menu Boards.
A good way to illuminate what’s important to your customers, popular with just about every new hip burger joint When you have an opportunity to visit your local Schnitz, Grill’d, or Nando’s restaurant you’ll likely see a combination of industrial and vintage light styling which adorn their premises.

Building Exterior & Security
Need to illuminate your business logo or sign, for the primary purpose of advertising? The vintage appeal and reduction of maintenance is what makes the Frontier so much more affordable, simply install any globe up-to 200W and our product won’t burn out providing the features of a die-hard industrial light at a fraction of the price.

Building Entry
You’ll notice that just about every restaurant in the USA features some sort of outdoor gooseneck to entice customers into their shop. Good, directed, “honest to goodness” lighting can make a difference between enticing customers to walk through your door and looking leaving a bad first impression.

Book Nooks & Artworks
If you’ve spent quality time reviewing all the art that Melbourne (National Gallery of Victoria!) has to offer, you’ll be forgiven having never noticed the overhead lighting above. While track lights can cost many hundred (to thousands) of dollars, the level of lighting investment doesn’t always result in better results – this is why we developed The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light.


The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light is either machine-spun or hand-spun locally in Clayton South, VIC. Our metalspinners are part of a family owned and operated business that commenced operations in 1971. You are buying a product made from 16 guage aluminium material (minimum) that are then cut into circles, machine or hand-spun onto our own tooling. The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light shade component is then trimmed and beaded before our unique Hex-Hole is drilled and filed into the neck.

We powdercoat all of our Barn Lights locally in Dandenong North, VIC in either Dulux® Powdercoat Colours or the renowned Colorbond® Standard, both made by Dulux Powders.

We ship your new "The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light" with all components coated in the same finish to ensure your new lighting fixtures ensures a lifetime. Our powdercoater forms a small family owned business that has been operating since 1989, having long supported the local transportation industry, our powdercoater take this expertise and decades of knowledge to provide you with a superior, industrial coating for your The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light.

At Barn Light, we powdercoat our products with inbuilt UV-Stabilisation technology, this benefit means that your most recent purchase becomes an investment. This longetivity increases the expected life and resultant durability of your new lighting fixture

Australian Made Barn Lights provides a product that has been developed to exceed Australian standards, the standards you can trust, at no extra charge.

Buying from Barn Light Australia ensures the quality of your new The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light will last a lifetime. Our The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light is powdercoated ALL-OVER; Every product is coated both internally and externally in powdercoat including the shade, electrical coupler, mounting arms, and wall backing plates. We go so far to coat the screws so the whole unit presents as the same colour.

To view our full range of powdercoated finishes, view our FULL COLOUR RANGE

The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light is designed for all outdoor weather conditions. Barn Light Australia manufactures only commercial-quality lighting fixtures designed for all conditions, including coastal locations. You can use the The Frontier Gooseneck Sign Light in full sun, on your barn or garage, or simply under the eaves. This lighting fixture is waterproofed against regular rainfall (IP44) using fully sealed pipe threading from the installation mount to the shade. If you are purchasing an "Atomic" variant as an accessory or an Atomic lighting fixture you are receiving an IP65 rating making your choice of lighting all the easier.

A point of caution - If anyone sells you an "outdoor light" and can't provide either an IP rating, or IP44 and above... you are being conned. IP44 is generally used as the industry benchmark for lights suitable for outdoor use. Anything less and licensed electricians will simply refuse to install these fixtures. Save yourself the shock of rebooking the sparkie. If you require further information or just want to see specifics, please view our

Outdoor Rated Barn Lights

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