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The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

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The Original™ is one of our best-selling gooseneck Wall Lights!

The design of Original™ Gooseneck Light dates to when industrial lighting was made strictly to light up warehouses, commonly called “RLM Shades” aka reflector luminaire manufacturer. The Original Warehouse Shade is an ideal choice for homes, businesses, and restaurants looking to add a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The History of The Original

The Original shade design dates back to the early 20th century and features a tall neck that fans out into a sleek rounded warehouse shade. Devoid of hard edges, this mold defines the “Classic” features. Molds made during the 1900’s and prior were not made of hardened steel, as such any hard edges wore away over time this creating an “Original” As designed, you can use the Original Gooseneck affixed as a wall light using any one of our traditional gooseneck arms. The Original™ offers more than just one shade size and style, you can mix and match to create the lighting product that features perfect dimensions and aesthetic for any space you create.

Designer Inspiration

Popular in classically styled homes, The Original Gooseneck lighting complements ultra-modern urban lofts, trendy businesses, and much more. If you’d prefer a shade with more modern style, look to our The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light for inspiration. Hamptons Styled Wall Light on your list of “must haves”? Select our 30cm Shade w/ SG16 Sconce Arm in Pearl White or Flat White.

Materials & Workmanship

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light is either machine-spun or hand-spun locally in Clayton South, VIC. Our metalspinners are part of a family owned and operated business that commenced operations in 1971. You are buying a product made from 16 guage aluminium material (minimum) that are then cut into circles, machine or hand-spun onto our own tooling. The Original Gooseneck Barn Light shade component is then trimmed and beaded before our unique Hex-Hole is drilled and filed into the neck.
Colours & Finishes

We powdercoat all of our Barn Lights locally in Dandenong North, VIC in either Dulux® Powdercoat Colours or the renowned Colorbond® Standard, both made by Dulux Powders.

We ship your new "The Original Gooseneck Barn Light" with all components coated in the same finish to ensure your new lighting fixtures ensures a lifetime. Our powdercoater forms a small family owned business that has been operating since 1989, having long supported the local transportation industry, our powdercoater take this expertise and decades of knowledge to provide you with a superior, industrial coating for your The Original Gooseneck Barn Light.

At Barn Light, we powdercoat our products with inbuilt UV-Stabilisation technology, this benefit means that your most recent purchase becomes an investment. This longetivity increases the expected life and resultant durability of your new lighting fixture

Australian Made Barn Lights provides a product that has been developed to exceed Australian standards, the standards you can trust, at no extra charge.

Buying from Barn Light Australia ensures the quality of your new The Original Gooseneck Barn Light will last a lifetime. Our The Original Gooseneck Barn Light is powdercoated ALL-OVER; Every product is coated both internally and externally in powdercoat including the shade, electrical coupler, mounting arms, and wall backing plates. We go so far to coat the screws so the whole unit presents as the same colour.

To view our full range of powdercoated finishes, view our View Full Colour Range

Outdoor Goosenecks

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light is designed for all outdoor weather conditions. Barn Light Australia manufactures only commercial-quality lighting fixtures designed for all conditions, including coastal locations. You can use the The Original Gooseneck Barn Light in full sun, on your barn or garage, or simply under the eaves. This lighting fixture is waterproofed against regular rainfall (IP44) using fully sealed pipe threading from the installation mount to the shade. If you are purchasing an "Atomic" variant as an accessory or an Atomic lighting fixture you are receiving an IP65 rating making your choice of lighting all the easier.

A point of caution - If anyone sells you an "outdoor light" and can't provide either an IP rating, or IP44 and above... you are being conned. IP44 is generally used as the industry benchmark for lights suitable for outdoor use. Anything less and licensed electricians will simply refuse to install these fixtures. Save yourself the shock of rebooking the sparkie. If you require further information or just want to see specifics, please view our

Outdoor Rated Barn Lights
Projections & Dimensions
(from Mounting Point)
(from Wall)
Overall DropOverall Projection
SG16 Sconce Gooseneck17cm
+ Shade Drop = Overall Height
(Gooseneck Only)
30cm Shade: 18cm
40cm Shade: 20cm
50cm Shade: 25cm
30cm Shade: 52cm
40cm Shade: 57cm
50cm Shade: 62cm
G15 Gooseneck Arm20cm47cm
(Gooseneck Only)
30cm Shade: 18cm
40cm Shade: 20cm
50cm Shade: 25cm
30cm Shade: 62cm
40cm Shade: 67cm
50cm Shade: 72cm
G22 Gooseneck Arm20cm57cm
(Gooseneck Only)
30cm Shade: 18cm
40cm Shade: 20cm
50cm Shade: 25cm
30cm Shade: 72cm
40cm Shade: 77cm
50cm Shade: 82cm
G14 Gooseneck Arm – Zero – / Not Applicable.35cm
(Gooseneck Only)
30cm Shade: 18cm
40cm Shade: 20cm
50cm Shade: 25cm
30cm Shade: 50cm
40cm Shade: 55cm
50cm Shade: 60cm
Atomic Cast Guard [IP55]

The Atomic Cast Guard is a popular accessory and extension to our range of Warehouse Shades, permitting a higher outdoor Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Rating) while keeping true to form and function.

CGG - Standard Cast GuardTGG - Heavy Duty Cast GuardWGG - Nautical Wire Guard
Our Standard Cast Guard is made from die-cast aluminium for residential and light commercial usage. Our Cast Guards are designed as their own stand-alone products but also as an "Atomic" accessory which affixes the bottom of our warehouse lighting designs.

Our Standard Cast Guard is constructed from long lasting die-casted aluminium designed for both residential and light commercial usage. Our Standard Cast Guard are so rugged that we've designed to be both a stand-alone product, but also as a modular "Atomic" accessory which affixes within the neck of our warehouse lights. The Standard Cast Guard has more spines/divisions than our Heavy Duty Cast Guard [TGG] however is thinner is design permitting a larger range of light dispersal. Our CGG is designed to withstand any decent amount of shock to protect the glass and globe within. 80% of customers choose this guard. The overall weight of our Standard Cast Guard alone is 220grams.
Our Heavy Duty (Thick) Cast Guard is made from the same die-cast aluminium as our CGG however is made significantly thicker, ideal for industrial areas and hospitality projects with high risk of damage such as Pubs, Clubs and the like. Our Heavy Duty Cast Guard affixes within the neck of our warehouse lighting designs when an Atomic Accessory is purchased, you cannot affix the guard without an Atomic Assembly.

The Heavy Duty Cast Guard has less spines/divisions than our [CGG] Standard Guard however is thicker in body and as such has less light dispersal. Designed to withstand any amount of damage, this unit is tough enough to roll your car over. 10% of customers choose this guard, commercial customers prefer this guard over the CGG as glass becomes a potential safety hazard in any hospitality project. The overall weight of our Heavy Duty Cast Guard is just over 400grams.
Our Nautical Wire Guard is made from coated steel wire welded to a threaded aluminium ring. We recommend this unit for everyday use in a majority of residential and commercial areas. If you are in a coastal environment we recommend the Standard or Heavy Duty Cast Guards to protect against Australia's harsher climates. When designing a lighting fixture, having the choice between petite and dependability is important, our Nautical Wire Guard is highly recommended.

We designed our Nautical Wire Guards to contribute a subtle industrial flair to a lighting fixture’s design without sacrificing the quality. 10% of customers choose this guard, mostly for petite interior designs. 4mm Steel Wire Construction adds significant strength and weight, so much that its heavier than our Standard Cast Guard at 240grams
High Quality LED Options

What makes our LED Barn Lights so unique? We create something you can't buy at your local hardware store. Our Fully Integrated LED Barn Lights are manufactured to commercial standards. A standard lifetime of 50,000 hours, operating for 3 hours a day means you'll be unlikely to replace your Barn Lights for a few decades. Aussie Heatwave? The Driver self-disables to ensure the operating life isn't cut short by a long hot week in the sun, so you rest assured you won't need another cherry picker as long as we're installed. If you need to create a space but can't guess the brightness you need - use a standard 0-10V LED Dimmer and dim down. Four colour options mean that you can choose from Warm White (2700K) to balance a warm welcoming through to the security application of Cool White (4000K). Whatever your application, we've got a lighting solution for you.

Best described as a partnership between contemporary styles and cutting-edge technology, Barn Light integrates dependable LED components directly from their respective manufacturers, creating a design that takes advantage of the numerous benefits of LEDs, such as cost saving, brightness, and colour temperatures while still supplying with a rustic design aesthetic. Our commercial quality LED units range from 850 Lumens to 3000 Lumens with four different colour temperatures ranging from warm white to cool white. Most importantly our range of lumen output far exceeds what is available to the general public at prices the average consumer can afford.
Client Focus

Nikki Hobbs order a 40cm Original Gooseneck Barn Light to improve her outdoor space.
Shown here in Colorbond Monument Satin w/ G24 Gooseneck Arm

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