Summer time dining, outside rating on our lights!

Summer time has arrived and what better way to spend some quality time at home during the summer months by ensuring you have your lighting sorted! The perfect entertainment area needs the perfect lighting to make the space useable all day and night .

All Barn Light products are hardy and long-lasting at the best of times. Even our indoor lights continue to shine against all kinds of rough treatment and time.

But to ramp up the durability even further, we can outdoor-proof your lighting fixture to ensure the best Outdoor Rating that Australian lighting can offer. This involves silicone setting and other processes to ensure nothing will get in or corrode.

We could just leave our claim at ‘Weatherproof, vapourproof, dustproof and built to last,’ but we are keen to prove it and are not afraid of getting technical to prove that point, so let’s go that extra step: Here is what the IP code means, and we stand by it.

More than this, and this may shock you, but lights made merely to the CE code may… literally shock you.

The standard that has been used for years, CE, stands for Communauté Européenne, and is applicable in Europe, NOT Australia! It’s a millimetre out in size and is dangerous to use, yet a great number of lighting companies in Australia still use it!

‘Rattle and hum’ might be good in a U2 album, but not what you want in your light socket.

No – we won’t have that. We make sure that it IS suitable for Australia, it DOES fit, and it is SAFE to use as well as long-lasting.

Do you need it? – If you have lights installed under cover, the requirement for IP ratings is somewhat redundant unless you live on the beach or near flood prone areas.

If someone is specifying IP68 – Ask them why you need lighting fixtures to be installed underwater (a common “huh” question) or else if someone is purposely going to stand there and use a pressure water to justify “IP67” in the same instance.

You’ll find that *most* of the time, the person specifying has decided for the “best” rather than “what’s needed”.


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